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5 Ways to Measure Blogger Outreach ROI

by · May 17, 2012

A friend of mine recently emailed me to say that she has a new client but they’re wary of doing a blogger outreach program, and do I have any metrics about outreach ROI, especially for driving sales?

I wrote back: You’re asking for the holy grail.

However, while linking ROI to blogger outreach is not simple, it’s also not impossible. Think about the decades (centuries?) of PR people who have gone before us. How did they determine ROI on media outreach when all they had was “impressions” (a very fuzzy number that was, and is: self-reported from print and broadcast media)?


The ROI of Rotary

by · September 8, 2010

DISCLAIMER: The following conversation is did not really happen, at least in the form presented. It is an amalgam of conversational snippets I have overheard from people in Corporate America. Many have probably happened somewhere near you.

“Peterson, come here for a moment. We need to have a talk.”

Getting called into the boss’s office is never fun.

“Peterson, I’ve been looking at your proposal. I’m afraid I’m going to have to turn you down.”

We all live with disappointment.


If CMOs Are Unhappy With Digital, It’s Their Own Fault

by · April 21, 2009

Jason Falls

Jason Falls

According to an article in AdWeek and a survey conducted by recruiting firm Heidrick & Struggles, chief marketing officers are unhappy with their digital strategies. H&S polled 111 senior marketing executives at firms with $1 billion or more in annual revenues to come up with the “kinda sucks” prerogative. This essentially means they polled people who are used to spending a LOT of money on advertising who think the web space under-serves.

Apples to oranges.

Apples & Oranges - They Don't Compare
Image by TheBusyBrain via Flickr

What Is The ROI For Social Media?

by · October 28, 2008

I spent a good portion of Sunday and Monday thinking about social media measurement and proving return on investment or ROI. Many of the sessions at PRSA International in Detroit were about social media, web-based communications strategies and the requisite question of how do we report success. Fortunately for PRSA (Public Relations Society of America), Katie Delahaye Paine was on hand to present and share her considerable expertise in the subject.


The Demise of Online Advertising Is Upon Us

by · September 8, 2008

I always laugh when reading media reports of announcements by analysts. In the sensationalism-driven market that is today’s journalism, lots of superlatives are used as if some numbers cruncher at J.P. Morgan is the modern day Nostradamus.

One such analyst last week lowered his prediction for the growth of online advertising spend. Imran Khan adjusted his prediction of online display advertising in 2008 and 2009 saying the overall economic downturn will have a trickle-down effect. His 2008 estimate for the online display market is now $8.2 billion, down from $8.6 billion. He expects 27 percent annual growth in the U.S. ad market now, down from a 32 percent projection earlier this year.


Impressions Of And In Social Media Measurement

by · August 4, 2008

A carpenters' ruler with centimetre divisionsImage via Wikipedia

I’ve had the pleasure and honor of getting to know and working with a handful of social media measurement firms. For disclosure’s sake, Doe-Anderson presently uses Radian6 for one client as well as agency projects and my friends at Beam Global Spirits & Wine use Collective Intellect, which I have access to on their behalf. However, I’ve gotten to know and have become very familiar with a number of social media measurement firms and people over the last year including Nielsen Online, BuzzLogic, Cymfony, MotiveQuest and more. One of my favorite people to spar with on the issue is, of course, the measurement diva herself, K.D. Paine.


Perhaps Social Media Measurement Shouldn’t Matter

by · May 19, 2008

Proving value in social media is much akin to doing the same in public relations. This is precisely why so many CEOs and CMOs are hesitant to commit dollars to efforts there. When the bottom line determines every decision, much of what a company or brand should do winds up on the wrong side of the ledger.

Social Media MeasurementShould we spend more money on the more eco-friendly heating and cooling system? On recycled paper? On diversity training? On dental or optical coverage for employees? Yeah, you should. But none of those are a given because when it comes to running a business, bigger margins trump bigger heart every time.