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The Slow Death of Feedburner Accelerates

by · October 17, 2012

Like it or not, kiddos, FeedBurner is going away.

Cry, whine, kick your feet if it makes you feel better. Work your way through the five stages of grief, if you like. The smoke signals coming out of the Googleplex for the past months might as well be an airplane skywriting “Abandon ship, FeedBurners” across the horizon.

If you’ve got a blog with thousands of  subscribers, it’s time to take action.


Determining Your Website’s Traffic On The Social Web

by · September 2, 2009

The social web has almost relegated website traffic to a shoulder shrug of a statistic  for some. But the number of people of visit your website or blog is an important measure of your reach or exposure. However, many people make a mistake in analyzing or even determining a website’s traffic. And the social web is partially to blame.

RSS feeds change not only the metric, but the information you’re looking for. Here’s why:


Spreading The Joy Of RSS

by · February 22, 2008

The day I took the time to sit down and learn RSS and RSS feeds changed my life. No, there weren’t angelic choruses accompanying beams of light breaking through Moses-like parts in the ceiling. But converting to feeds as a web hyper-user literally trimmed an hour and a half to two hours a day off of my browsing time commitment.


It’s Always More Fun To Share With Everyone

by · January 3, 2008

Curious George Soundtrack CoverMy two-year-old son loves the movie “Curious George.” This means we watch it at least once a week. If it weren’t for the fact that I really enjoy the music, mostly original tunes by Jack Johnson, I’d be sick of it by now.

For Christmas, Grant (read: My thoughtful wife, Nancy) got me the “Curious George” soundtrack and sing-a-long album. One song I found particularly appropriate to sample a few lyrics here is “The Sharing Song,” which I gather is written by Adam Topol and Zach Gill but sung by Johnson.

The Sharing Song
Adam Topol & Zach Gill

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10 Must Read Blogs For 2008

by · December 21, 2007

Last Friday, I asked each of you the following question:

If you could put 10 RSS feeds in a folder called “MUST READ” that you check first and always, which 10 would you choose?

What’s Important?There were a few responses in the comments section. I got a few more via email and still more from friends on Twitter when I posed the five-count version a few days before the blog post. Thanks to those who responded. You gave me some great suggestions for the development of my own.


10 Steps To Manage Your Feed Reading Time

by · December 20, 2007

Two weeks ago I looked up from my feed reader and realized I’d been checking feeds for an hour and 12 minutes, non-stop. I was at work. There was a lot to do. And I wasn’t finished.

New Watch“Enough,” I thought. “I have got to get a grip on this. But how?”

RSS feeds can make surfing the web a much more productive and less time consuming activity. But, as I’ve found, they can also control the time you spend online if you let them. At the start of this process, I subscribed to 305 feeds and would routinely see 500-800 different posts per day. I’ve spent the last two weeks wrapping my brain around how to manage my RSS feeds, my time or both to optimize my web browsing experience.


RSS Feeds: Who Are Your Must Reads?

by · December 14, 2007

RSS IconI’ve popped a question on Twitter a couple of times this week asking folks for suggestions on organizing my RSS feeds. My current list includes 305 feeds and has become an overwhelming challenge from a time management standpoint. While there were some great suggestions, links and advice shared, I decided to try and solve the problem in my brain, which is always scary.

Wednesday night I decided my brain wasn’t big enough to handle this, but I needed to be more specific about the issue, so I asked my Twitter crowd a version of this, which I am now asking all of you:


Dumbing It Down: RSS Feeds For The Rest Of Us

by · November 2, 2007

CricketsAbout two minutes into a sales presentation for a recenlty-monetized feed subscription service, I looked around the room. Deers in headlights. Crickets chirping.

“Hold on!” I said, raising my hand. “Give me 60 seconds.”

I then turned to my clients and explained what an RSS feed and RSS feed reader were. The room lit up with it-getting and the salesman continued his spiel.

To his credit, he had no idea how tech-tarded his audience was and, considering we were meeting on the development of the client’s website, could have resonably assumed the topic wouldn’t be over their heads.