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An Apology To Brands On Behalf Of Social Media Experts Everywhere

by · April 14, 2014

They don’t all know it yet, but social media experts, promoters, advocates and douchebags everywhere owe brands an apology. Granted, we were well intended when this whole thing started. We thought we were doing you right. In many cases we were. But as time went on and the industry matured, some of us saw the *slight* error of our ways.

It seems that brands have been mistaken about how human they can be. They’ve been convinced, by us, that they too can earn a never-ending stream of comments and likes and re-tweets and shares and thumbs up and so on. They too can just sit and write a little Tweet or Facebook post or blog entry and, for absolutely no more money or effort have hundreds or thousands of people see, read, react, respond and refer.


Stop Listening When Social Media Experts Tell You ROI Isn’t Important

by · September 17, 2013

How can you possibly position the value of social media when you have experts telling you you’re an idiot for trying to measure ROI? Social media ROI has caused a lengthy debate amongst the social media speaker’s circuit. I was a late comer to the social media conversation as I really started getting serious about the business opportunities for social media in 2009. My interest was primarily fueled because I saw a huge potential for measurement standards and building ROI models. My interest was piqued when I had an employee tell me that you flat-out couldn’t measure social media because it was about relationship building.


Is Hiring The Key To Social Success?

by · November 5, 2012

Few people know Scott Stratten, he of @Unmarketing fame and author of a book by that name and the new Book of Business Awesome, has a background in human resources. When you learn that, you typically, do a double take and think, “Wha?” But it’s true.

Scott and I caught up last week to talk about his upcoming keynote at Explore Portland (ticket form below) and wound up diving into a discussion about the feasibility of hiring being critical to your success as a social business and in social media marketing. In short, you can’t force awesome from unawesome employees. So hiring is a step in the process. Jump into the video and hear what Scott has to say:


Today’s Social Business (INFOGRAPHIC)

by · November 2, 2012

There is a lot of buzz about social business. Experts are creating models, defining solutions, developing processes and new methodologies like it is a new problem to be solved. Is it a new way to approach an old problem?

Michael Brito, SVP, Social Business at Edelman Digital presented on this topic, Beyond a Buzzword, at Explore in Orange County. He agrees that today’s society is constantly flooded with content. As ordinary people can embrace this new world of communication with no boundaries anyone can grow their own influence to impact businesses and governments. The “multi-screen economy” we currently live in is creating an attention deficit disorder to the digital marketer profession. We need to roll up our sleeves and get serious.


How To Make Your Business Awesome

by · July 30, 2012

Scott Stratten‘s new book, The Book of Business Awesome, launches today. If you’ve read his first book, Unmarketing, you won’t need any convincing to get the new one. Scott’s piercing advice and often humorous analysis of what companies are doing right and wrong or should do to build awesome experiences for their customers are sage nuggets of wisdom.

And as Scott does often, he has put together some awesome to go along with the launch. The first 250 people to pre-order one copy get another copy for their local library. The first 125 to pre-order two copies get the library copy plus a free mini-poster of Scott’s trademark, “Jackass Whisperer,” comment. (See one on Scott’s post here.) For people who order more quantities, there’s more benefits. Scott’s post has them spelled out.


What Would Happen if You Took a Break from Social Media?

by · November 19, 2010

Every once in a while we have the opportunity to read or view something that stops us in our tracks. Scott Stratten’s recent Oakville TEDx talk, Keep going until you stop, qualifies (an absolute must see).

Scott’s talk prompted me to take a deeper look at a couple of things – our evolving relationship with technology and its impact on our ability to be genuinely engaged. The love affair with social media can be a doubled-edged sword, both an investment and a cost. Once you step on the social media conveyor it’s pretty easy to just keep going, hyper connected 24/7/365. But to what end? How many of us assess the value of the time we spend online? Are we really “connected” and adding value to meaningful relationships or just killing time waiting for that next post, tweet or update?