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Content Marketing: The Beautiful Buzz and the Hellacious Hangover

by · December 28, 2012

Traditional advertising diehards practically invented the two-martini lunch, but the old saps have been shunned from today’s meaningful marketing shindigs. To get their kicks, they mostly go to bonfire parties and burn their clients’ money.

Meanwhile, us new media maniacs are partying hard on content marketing.

The cork’s been yanked. Everyone’s tipping a glass.

And what a buzz. This gloriously intoxicating content marketing cocktail, this newly discovered recipe—two parts education, one part search, one part social—with an optional splash of advertising.


Search. Social. Mobile. Optimized!

by · June 29, 2012

Leading brands have matured beyond the search bar as they seek solutions to optimize their online presence. Today’s leaders are searching for solutions that reach customers and their behaviors using a more holistic approach to search, social and mobile marketing. To successfully position and grow brands online so that the investment of digital assets are reaching the level of awareness and sales necessary to compete in today’s digital era, we need to stop approaching online optimization as separate silos and consider the full life cycle of the customer’s journey.

Today’s silos include three types of optimization experts.


Blog Catalog Launches Nifty New Search Widget

by · November 11, 2008

It’s easy to get caught up in new sites and technology in the social media space and forget about those that have been around a while. More often than not, those old, trusted friends have continued to innovate and are still developing noteworthy functionality and uses. You just get caught up in the new shiny objects and shrug them off with, “been there, done that,” reactions.