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Why Your Business Needs A Link Building Strategy

by · January 3, 2014

Link building has got a bad reputation, it has been abused by many cowboy SEO companies for years and if it isn’t understood and implemented properly, it can result in Google penalizing your website. The rise of content as the current SEO driving force has also seen linking building fall out of the spotlight.

Link building has been an important part of SEO since the dawn of Google. It is a process which can help drive targeted traffic to your site while at the same time building your site’s authority. By establishing relevant inbound links, you’ll improve your website’s search engine ranking and help make your site known. There are countless link building strategies available, and your SEO Company should be able to target the ones which will work best for your business.


How To Conquer Bloggers Block

by · December 4, 2013

We’ve all heard that content related idiom which has been used by SEO companies far too much, and if content isn’t king, then it is at least a really powerful submarine which should be involved in all your marketing battle plans.

But content writing isn’t all that easy, it transpires. You might be a wildly creative person with lots of ideas, but writing interesting and informative posts about the same industry, or topic, every day might not fit with how your mind works.

Maybe you’re a great writer but you struggle coming up with ideas. To get by in the content writing world you’ll need to keep those ideas going.


Mobile, Mobile Everywhere

by · November 27, 2013

Mobile has been flavor of the month for what seems like an eternity now. Recently I wrote about Facebook’s recent developments in the mobile space, and how their mobile business model is moving closer towards ‘fruition’. LinkedIn it seems is the latest social network to shower their users with some mobile love.

Over the past couple of months, LinkedIn has made some small, but significant moves towards increasing the stickiness and usage of its mobile app. The most significant of these recently has been the ability to endorse a LinkedIn connection via mobile.

What do these developments mean for us as social marketers?


Facebook’s Insights Get A Makeover

by · November 21, 2013

Facebook is growing and evolving rapidly, and in case you hadn’t noticed, the current focus is monetization. I have written a few articles lately taking a look at some of the recent Facebook advertising breakthroughs and rollouts, with the most important of these being the evolution of their mobile app installs and revamped ad buying interface.

But Facebook isn’t slowing down or letting up, oh no. The past month has seen some more fantastic developments for brands and advertisers alike.


Why Mobile Isn’t Working

by · October 25, 2013

Mobile isn’t working. That’s a bold claim to make, and one not to be taken out of context. Mobile, as a platform, has proved extremely lucrative for many, and the figures that permeate the internet can’t be ignored.

However, there are two sides to every story. While Mobile App Discovery might be rampant and working well, Mobile Stickiness is not proving so effective. Mobile marketing and development is still relatively nascent, given the grand scheme of things. This is a field still looked at with caution by SEO companies and social agencies alike.


Facebook Puts On Its Business Hat

by · October 23, 2013

Advertising on Facebook used to be a pain. The interface was clunky and complicated, as was the actual allocation of any ad spending. It seems that Facebook has paid attention to feedback from its users and, finally, simplified its advertising process.

With the recent roll out of the new Facebook for Business hub, it seems that Facebook has definitely decided to strap on its business hat, and strap it on firmly.


Water To Wine, Rankings To Rent Checks

by · October 18, 2013

“Where do you rank?”. This phrase is as common parlance amongst SEO Companies and the SEO community as water cooler talk is to the rest of us. What does it really mean though?

Keyword rankings are my bone to pick for the day. Accurately assessing where a particular URL ranks for a particular keyword is something that is rarely done well, or even correctly. The importance of being able to accurately measure where you rank for your chosen keywords is very important, if you can’t measure it, you can’t master it.

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Did Google Just Make You An SEO?

by · October 16, 2013

If you’re an SEO Company you might have some inkling of what I’m talking about, if not, you soon will. The past month has seen some big SEO developments. The thing is, they can’t really be called SEO developments anymore. Social Search developments would be more apt, as they really are equally important to both practices.

October saw the release of Moz’s 2013 Future of Search report. For those of you unfamiliar with this report, this is pretty much the Holy Grail for SEO’s. This report combines the findings and research of hundreds of the best SEO practitioners in the world, to deliver an overview of what makes a search engine tick.