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How To Double Your Marketing Effectiveness By Combining Content Marketing And Social

by · April 12, 2014

In 2014, content marketing is expected to become a much more widely used marketing tactic. In fact, in a recent survey, 74% of brands expect to increase their content marketing spend in 2014. However, as Jason Falls rightly pointed out, content marketing alone will fail.

Over 2013 and the first part of 2014, many brands have been pummelled online. Facebook’s updated algorithm now means brand pages receive on average a pathetic 2% organic reach. Meanwhile, Google released a series of algorithm updates resulting in brutal penalizations of previously high ranking sites who had been using shady tactics in the past. With all the hype around content marketing, there is the risk that businesses and marketers will see it as a golden egg, and then cut expenditure on SEO and Social Media, which are actually both vital channels.


Social Media Is For Everyone…

by · March 19, 2014

Social networking can be pretty great for your business. It lets you communicate with your potential clients, build your brand image, and it shows you’re really cracking at keeping up with all that modern technology lark. It’s definitely something like that at least.

The problem is that there’s not just one or two social media channels which you can turn to in your hour of need, but a whole heap. They don’t all do the same thing, even though they might share similar features, and just because one is more widely adopted than another doesn’t mean that that should be how you decide. According to Wikipedia’s fairly extensive list, there’s more than 300 active social networking sites – and you can be pretty sure that that isn’t exhaustive.


Use Product-Focused Linking Campaigns To Earn Great Links and Increase Visibility

by · February 19, 2014

The recent announcement from Matt Cutts on guest blogging or contributing content to third-party websites in exchange for links will be scrutinized more than ever has left search marketers and social media strategists running around wondering what they can possibly do to earn credible links in 2014.

Over the last four years alone, Google’s head of web spam has deemed numerous popular linking strategies as no longer valuable and possibly dangerous to attempt.


How To Conquer Bloggers Block

by · December 4, 2013

We’ve all heard that content related idiom which has been used by SEO companies far too much, and if content isn’t king, then it is at least a really powerful submarine which should be involved in all your marketing battle plans.

But content writing isn’t all that easy, it transpires. You might be a wildly creative person with lots of ideas, but writing interesting and informative posts about the same industry, or topic, every day might not fit with how your mind works.

Maybe you’re a great writer but you struggle coming up with ideas. To get by in the content writing world you’ll need to keep those ideas going.


Mobile, Mobile Everywhere

by · November 27, 2013

Mobile has been flavor of the month for what seems like an eternity now. Recently I wrote about Facebook’s recent developments in the mobile space, and how their mobile business model is moving closer towards ‘fruition’. LinkedIn it seems is the latest social network to shower their users with some mobile love.

Over the past couple of months, LinkedIn has made some small, but significant moves towards increasing the stickiness and usage of its mobile app. The most significant of these recently has been the ability to endorse a LinkedIn connection via mobile.

What do these developments mean for us as social marketers?


Is There a Dark Side of Google?

by · October 25, 2013

Full disclosure: I’m a Google stock owner and Google Analytics pro.
I feel like my parents just told me I’m adopted but gave me a fat bag of money to ease the pain. Read on to understand why…

Google recently stopped passing keyword data from searches to analytics platforms. This change means that reports within Google Analytics, Hubspot, and any other kind of analytics program will not provide keyword analytics for all of their Google search traffic.


Did Facebook Just Kill Social Media Management?

by · September 20, 2013

The death of social media management, that’s a bold statement to make, and one not to be taken out of context. For those social media practitioners among you are who actively managing a Facebook page, you may well already be aware of the changes that Facebook just rolled out to its Edgerank algorithm. It seems this update has slipped under the radar for many, which could be due to the fact that the platform it was distributed through, the relatively new Facebook For Business, may still be unfamiliar to many in the industry. Before we descend into anarchy and panic however, it’s necessary to define our key terms and figure out exactly what this new update means and what it foretells.


Set Up Your Offline Media To Maximize Your Online Exposure

by · September 4, 2013

The current state of online marketing feels fragmented. There are the traditional media guys who handle offline-marketing channels like TV and Radio. Then you have the SEO’s, Social Media Experts and website techies who manage and develop the digital half of an entire marketing campaign.

The issue that businesses constantly face is the fact that all of these guys rarely work in a cohesive way that allows brands to truly maximize their exposure, conversion and sales opportunities.


Debunking the Vanity Metrics Myth

by · August 30, 2013

Last December, HBR published a post titled “Why Your Social Media Metrics Are a Waste of Time,” in which the author referred to social media metrics as “false idols of analytics.” While she did, in fact, make a few valid points, her blanket unfavorable statement really fires me up, as I believe it negates the true potential that social media offers when it comes to driving revenue.