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Before You Answer, Ask

by · December 31, 2013

When people are aggravated or even upset, the natural reaction is to verbalize what they would do differently or what they think should be done to fix whatever the problem is. “Why can’t you just deliver my package?!” “I would have thought about the holiday rush ahead of time and hired more people!”

Not that these particular quotes have come up in conversation recently or anything. Heh.

What I find fascinating about these moments when people interject their solution to whatever problem you face is that knee jerks are always uninformed. But it works for us as well as customers. When we say, “Well, I would do X,” or “Why didn’t you do Y,” we’re just as uniformed as the frustrated customer.


Customer Service: A Scalable Way to Delight

by · April 5, 2012

We spend money like drunken sailors on lead generation. Our businesses rely on new business. More is better, right? We love marketing ideas. We need more leads. We need to grow the business.

We don’t like customer service. Said differently, we do not like the cost associated with customer service. Heck, take that a bit further, how many of our operating budgets have a line item for customer service. In smaller businesses, they typically don’t.