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Knowing Your Audience Is Key To Any Marketing Success

by · April 17, 2013

An argument has emerged between a high school friend and me about what the first rule of writing is. She insists it was Layne Tackett’s freshman English class where we learned the K.I.S.S. rule, or keep-it-simple-stupid, was the first rule of writing. I argue that it was Jeanne Williamson’s sophomore one in which we learned what I think is the No. 1 rule for writing: Know your audience.

Of course, the disagreement could well be rooted in the fact I didn’t pay attention in school until roughly my first semester of grad school, but that is not quite relevant to the discussion.


Asking Better Questions: Why Do People Use Social Networks?

by · August 2, 2012

Three winners have been chosen in The Social Habit’s call for research questions in the first of our quarterly research reports on the social media habit of Americans 12 and over. Steve Dodd, Rhonda Hurwitz and Susan Baier will receive a free copy of the first report. Our first instrument goes into the field in the coming weeks.

You may recall I’m partnering with Edison Research/Tom Webster, Jay Baer and Mark Schaefer to present a new, quarterly version of Edison’s formerly annual survey of Americans 12 and over who use social media. If you haven’t already, do subscribe to free updates on our findings via The Social Habit’s email list, or follow along on the Social Habit blog.