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How To Become The Next Media Company

by · October 21, 2013

If you haven’t figured out that the key ingredient to social marketing, and thus digital marketing, success today is through great content, you’ve not been paying attention. Even your old-school thinking of shoving ads at people was content marketing. The ad had to say something, right? It had to be compelling, right?

Advertisements are content, too.

While social brings with it the layer of service and engagement that other channels may not require, your success as a company in social marketing is still squarely predicated on whether or not your can produce content. Maybe it’s blog or Facebook posts. Perhaps it’s Tweets or Slideshare decks. Maybe it’s YouTube videos or catchy images posted on Tumblr.


Social Business Strategy DNA [Infographic]

by · September 13, 2013

This infographic was inspired by “The Seven Success Factors of Social Business Strategy“, an e-book co-written by Brian Solis and Charlene Li from the Altimeter Group.

Using a blend of research and real world client data, Solis and Li have established a social business strategy DNA – a set of strategic characteristics that are common among successful social organizations.

The book highlights seven success factors, including social business best practices, pitfalls, and practical exercises to help guide you – all in an easy to consume format (~100 pages).

Does your organization have a social business strategy in place? Which of the seven success factors below are proving to be the most challenging? The comments are yours.


A Quick Primer on Social Business Strategy

by · July 20, 2013

Charlene Li and Brian Solis have penned a nice e-book that can help you better understand what a social business strategy is and judge whether or not your social efforts are, in fact, strategically focused. With the Altimeter Group’s normal quality of basing their assertions in research and case studies, The Seven Success Factors of Social Business Strategy outlines what you need to have for a solid strategic approach. It’s a nominal fee e-book (less than $4 for Kindle or Nook) and well worth the time and dollars invested. At just 100 pages, it won’t be a lot of sacrifice to learn a bit.


What Google+ Can Teach Us About Social

by · December 10, 2012

You don’t hear a lot of ballyhoo or trumpeting of Google+ these days, at least from Google. So when someone from the mothership speaks, it’s interesting to see what they say. CNET’s Casey Newton did a nice job of pulling some fantastic insights about Google+ out of its VP of Product, Bradley Horowitz during his talk at a Business Insider Conference recently.

The key insight: Google+ is not the focal point of the company’s efforts. It’s a fabric that ties many of Google’s products together.


Beyond The Buzzword Of Social Business

by · October 2, 2012

My tome on “social business” being a bullshit term raised more than a few eyebrows a few weeks ago. One set that certainly shot up when he read it were those of Michael Brito. The senior vice-president and resident Silicon Valley maven for Edelman Digital is, after all, author of the book Smart Business – Social Business. The concept is one he leads many of Edelman’s clients through. He and it are a couple of reasons Edelman sits atop of the world of it-getting agencies out there.


“Social Business” Is Bullshit

by · September 11, 2012

Last night at Expion’s Racing Ahead Social Business Summit I offered up an idea that wrinkled a few noses. My assertion was that “social business” was a bullshit term. Keep in mind, I was on stage in front of a room of brands, many of whose social marketing leads have the term “social business” in their title; agencies that have entire sales pitches on how they can help you become a “social business;” and consultants who sell “social business” strategy like Geiko sells car insurance.

Momma told me to be good. She’s been wrong before. Heh.


Understanding Social Business And How To Become One

by · August 7, 2012

If “social business” hasn’t become a solid entry in Buzzword Bingo games yet, it soon will. Seems that more and more people are upholding the term as the utopian goal of all socially adept companies. Yet few people can easily define what the term means, much less know how to help a business become one.

Jennifer Kane spends a fair amount of time not only thinking about the evolution of social businesses, but works with clients to help them achieve measures of becoming one. She’ll be talking about the Seven Deadly Sins of Social Business at Explore Minneapolis next week (Register Below) so I caught up with her last week to chat about the term, what it means and how we can achieve it.