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5 Essential Components of a Successful Facebook Sales Strategy

by · August 22, 2014

With almost 1.5 billion registered users from all across the globe, Facebook is any marketer’s dream platform. Over the last couple of years, it has seen the average age of its users rise steadily, which means there are more people on Facebook with cash in hand and the ability to make their own purchase decisions (unlike teenagers or younger users).

All this presents a great opportunity for marketers and online sellers to increase their product sales and acquire new clients from Facebook. However, in order to create a successful Facebook sales strategy, you need to have certain components in place, apart from having a good quality product that fulfills a specific need. Here’s a quick look at some of them.


The Future Of Retail In 5 Words

by · June 6, 2012

Imagine that you are playing a movie of the history shopping in reverse. The film would start with someone checking out at Amazon. We would see people shopping at mass market retailers, then back to a time when malls were the rage, to the era when department stores ruled, to small town America’s general store, and eventually rewinding all the way back to the open air markets of ancient civilization.

The way people shop has changed over the years, but today’s changes are a threat to the very existence of bricks and mortar.  Online shopping gives consumers the opportunity to purchase anything they can think of through their phone or computer. Mobile scanning has turned stores into showrooms.


Why Groupon May Not Make Strategic Sense for Your Business

by · March 30, 2011

Recent valuation reports continue to highlight the success Groupon’s business model. It’s hard to argue the benefit for the 70 million consumers that have signed up to date – the opportunity to experience a wide variety of products and services at deep discounts.

But what about the organizations providing the deals? Research about the negative impact of services like Groupon is starting to surface.

Erosion of Price and Profitability

The problem with Groupon from a strategic perspective is the ripple effect that results from a promotion model purely focused on price.


Keepio Offers Pure Social Commerce Play

by · January 28, 2011

So I’ve started working a bit with the folks at Keepio, a new social commerce offering that allows you to inventory items you own (think collectors) and share them with a trusted network of friends. But it also allows you to sell them, trade them or even have a platform to let your friends see what you might have they can borrow (think lawn equipment). Because it’s not just an eBay (all about selling) and the premise is to connect and do this with your trusted network of friend (not with anyone like Craig’s List), I think Keepio might be the first pure social commerce play in the space.


The Magic Words

by · December 27, 2010

Businesses are clamoring to hear the magic words that will let them know what to do in the social space. And those magic words are as familiar in everyday speech as they are absent in any real conversation about social media adoption:

Yes and No.

Simple Answers?

I have a bad feeling about this...I was on a panel discussion recently in Birmingham, where the theme was trends for 2011. Our audience was not the tweet-up insider crowd — I was pleased to see that most of them were from small businesses, and most of them didn’t look like Digital Natives. I was also pleased to find out that most of them were on Facebook, and nearly all of them had heard of Twitter, even if they weren’t active.


Five Social Media Trends for 2011

by · November 16, 2010

Where is social media headed? What is important to learn about now so that we feel like we’re “in the know” six months down the road?  Although everyone and their uncle is doing or will be doing 2011 prognostication pieces, I’m jumping into the fray and offering my own predictions and a bit of analysis on where we’re headed as we close out the final six weeks of 2010.