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Why You Are Ignoring The Most Important Data

by · April 11, 2013

Business is having a love affair with big data. In the last few months it seems that every conference and webinar I come across has “big data” on the agenda.

Big data is the allure of more. More information. More access to behavior. Opportunities for more sophisticated analysis.  The thinking goes likes this: If we know every move people make then we not only know everything,  but we can predict everything.  As business people we love it because the information is finite, scalable and measurable.


Five Social Media Trends for 2012

by · November 15, 2011

It’s that most wonderful time of the year … time to predict the future as we close out the year! I think my 2011 social media predictions were pretty solid, so I’m going to take another stab at it for 2012. Here are the five social media trends I think marketers need to be aware of in the next year as we grow and change along with technology and consumer demand.


APCO-HuffPo Measurement Tool Scores Perception, Not Success

by · November 17, 2010

There’s a new company ranking out from a SocialEQ tool from APCO Worldwide and Huffington Post. It’s supposed to be a new research model that has what they call, “a unique approach to evaluating the effectiveness of a company’s social media strategy through quantitative means.” They scored the Fortune 40 “Most Admired” companies based on their research model to show which companies are most socially successful through the eyes of their model.

Let me caution you now that it’s not a measure of a company’s social media strategy effectiveness, but of the public perception of that effectiveness. Still, it offers some interesting ideas on how the public (sort of) views a company’s success in the social space and how we as marketers can think through our approaches.