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Real Time Understanding

by · March 14, 2013

We all know that social media data is driving us towards thinking about our business differently.  Whether it is engaging your consumer demographic in new ways: engaging with customers on a Facebook fan page or managing up to the minute attacks on your brand; handling a viral twitter crisis or simply peeking in on those talking about your brand; listening to people talk about what they like on forums or becoming a trusted resource in those communities; your world is now upside down.  To add insult to injury, all of this is starting to become necessary at the speed of social.  To put it bluntly, this means real time baby.  It isn’t enough to simply track your brand week by week now, it is becoming moment by moment.  And you can’t simply look at key attributes at only the highest level, you need to look at the attributes you know as well as ones that you may not even know exist.


Making Fan Engagement Your Marketing Mantra for 2013

by · January 30, 2013

It doesn’t seem that long ago that I spent an afternoon figuring out how to build a Facebook landing page with FBML.  It wasn’t pretty; I’m a marketing dude, not a programmer.  Then, what seemed like sooner rather than later, FBML was gone and replaced by iFrames.  Yikes!   Just going to the Facebook Developer website gave me the willies.

Well — hooray for Facebook entrepreneurs… thanks to you I’m done messing with the complexities of a code-based approach and I’m in my milieu; evaluating and selecting marketing solutions.


Tools, Process and Culture…Oh My!

by · December 26, 2012

Everywhere I go and speak, I ask the same two questions before I start my presentation.  The first question I ask is, “How many of you trust social media as a data source to make business decision?  Please raise your hand if you do.”  You know how many people’s hands go up after I ask this question?  About 5-10% of the room.  And when I ask this question, the room is filled with at a minimum 100 people all the way to 500 people.  After asking this question, I follow it with a second one.  I ask, “Ok, so when you are thinking of buying a new electronic device or appliance or picking a restaurant to make a decision, how many of you go to the web first to collect information to make your decision?”  Now everyone’s hand goes up.  Well at least 98% of them…the other 2% are sleeping.


It Goes Without Saying: From Sentiment to Intent

by · October 18, 2012

When someone remarks “It goes without saying,” they are about to explain, possibly in detail, something the listener is supposed to already  know. Similarly, a speaker “who needs no introduction” is often about to get one. When you’re negotiating with someone who says “It’s not about the money,” the sticking point is probably just that, the money, and that classic dump-your-boyfriend line, “It’s not you, it’s me,” means, “You’re not smart/good looking/caring/interesting enough for me.”


Social Media Measurement Model [Infographic]

by · May 24, 2012

As social media becomes more widely accepted as a business tool, organizations embracing the medium are slowly becoming more adept at creating content and engaging with their audiences. The next step for organizations that are comfortable with the content side of things is the development of a strategy and tactics to measure the performance of their social media activity.

The following model is a work in progress that aims to build on a social media measurement framework developed by John Lovett and Jeremiah Owyang. Here are some notes about the model components:


Understanding the ROI of Social Media

by · February 1, 2012

It’s the question that social media evangelists, speakers, consultants and practitioners begrudgingly have to answer. Sometimes, they have to or their jobs are in jeopardy. What is the ROI of social media. While I have my own perspective on that, there are many ideas and opinions on the issue. Part of what we plan to provide with our Explore events this year is a better understanding of the ROI question for all who attend.


Benchmarking Your Social Performance

by · January 30, 2012

Editor’s Note: The following is a guest post from Tristan Handy from Argyle Social, a service SME uses and a company that sponsors our events. But I think you’ll agree, disclosures aside, it’s awesomeness. 

You’ve spent all year writing and sharing great content. And from time to time, you check to see how your posts perform. But when you look at that report—whether it’s in, Google Analytics, or your social media management tool of choice—how do you interpret it? Is 100 clicks good? Is 1,000 clicks good?


Spredfast Integrates Social Business Index

by · December 27, 2011

Every business is looking for the right analytics to point to in hopes of determining success or failure in social media. Perhaps even more so, every business is trying to find that right combination of metrics that allows them to see how they’ve done and understand how to improve.

Spredfast, an SME client, announced last week they’ve added integration with the Social Business Index, a scorecard of sorts from the Dachis Group. On the surface, this might seem like pulling in Klout scores or other one-off measures that certainly enhances the tool, but isn’t earth-shattering. But if you look a little deeper, it’s a bit more important.


How To Build Social Media Awareness Into Your Website

by · March 9, 2011

An old man is approached by a traveler. He’s asked how to get to Dublin. The old man replies: “I sure wouldn’t start from here.” As a web analyst I’m occasionally tempted to use that line. It happens when I’m brought into a project long after a site is launched and I’m asked to report on user behavior the site just wasn’t built to measure.

Increasingly the metrics requested are of user engagement, related to social media conversations surround the site content. If my client is lucky I’m able retrofit a solution, but it’s always best to plan for these from the start. Here’s how. I’ve drafted a short list of considerations for you as you prepare for your next site or site redesign.