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Overcoming Skepticism On Social Campaigns And Vine

by · January 13, 2014

Lots of brands pitch us at Social Media Explorer to talk about the nifty social media campaigns they’re launching. Most pitches make me sick to my stomach for a variety of reasons. The majority because your plan doesn’t interest me. Your success does. Pitch me after the thing is over and you can share some success metrics.

Sometimes its because the campaign premise is disingenuous or just a spin on advertising applied in the social space. And yes, sometimes its because the PR person or firm in question is spam-tastic or pitches me something I’d never write about in the first place.


Are You Marketing Your Marketing?

by · January 21, 2013

No doubt you’ve heard the pithy quote from Jay Baer that in order to be ultimately successful with your social media marketing, you have to, “Market your marketing.” The simple explanation is that after you’ve concerted, built and launched your product or campaign, your work is only beginning. For then is when you market your marketing!

Or, to put it somewhat differently, the social media world is not one of, “If you build it, they will come.” It’s a world where you have to build it, then tell everyone in the world about it a dozen times, then some of them will come.


Showtime Uses a Microsite and Encrypted Tweets to Launch Homeland

by · September 23, 2011

As bloggers we occasionally get pitched to cover upcoming news and social media promotions. I got something from a firm promoting a Showtime social media push and decided to take a look. I thought it was an interesting approach that raised a whole bunch of questions for me that inspired me to write this post.

This campaign involves some mystery, action and prizes for the launch of Showtime’s new series Homeland. Take a look at what they are doing at Too lazy? No worries, I’ll give you the run down.


A Social Campaign With A Purpose

by · June 3, 2011

Typically, I prefer to report social media campaigns once they have some metrics to report. The fact you’ve launched something doesn’t fascinate me. What you were able to accomplish with your social media efforts does. But there are exceptions to every rule.

USA for UNHCR (which helps the United Nation’s Refugee Agency) is using social media marketing to increase awareness and raise a small measure of financial support to help the 47 million refugees in the world. They’re doing it by selling Blue Key pins for just $5. They hope to sell 6,000 by June 20 which is World Refugee Day. My friend Shonali Burke has a big role in the effort and when she told me about it last week at BlogWorld & New Media Expo, I couldn’t not help.