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The Easiest Way To Win With Social Media

by · April 21, 2014

Its Twitter stream is a never-ending flow of promotional links. Its Facebook page is much of the same. In fact, many of its social posts are mixed languages as well, potentially confusing or turning off part of its audience. It’s LinkedIn presence is nothing to write home about. If it has a blog, it’s impossible to find.

This doesn’t sound like a successful social company, does it? But it might be the hottest thing in social yet. Here’s why: Almost, if not every mention of it online is a glowing review. People go out of their way to brag about the company. The word-of-mouth metrics on this brand online are through the roof.


HP Empowers Social Care in Customer-Manned Forums

by · March 28, 2013

They may not be talked about much, but forums are a driving force in true social media success. Social Media Explorer has experienced the prevalence of forums first hand. When we begin working with a client we create a Conversation Report, which uncovers research on where online conversations are happening around their brand, competitors and industry. More often than not, we find the majority of conversations are happening in forums. In fact, the publicly available Social Media Explorer Conversation Report, “What Consumers are Saying About Banking” showed that 90% of conversations about banking and banking products happen on FORUMS and less than 1% happen on social networks. It’s funny. Despite how much forums dominate the share of conversation for brands, rarely, will you find someone talking about their “sexy” forum strategy. That’s probably because forums are viewed as “old-school” and less relevant. I’m not scared to admit it. We create some truly stellar forum strategies and they can be immensely powerful in driving relevant conversation with the right target market.


The Most Loved and Hated Brands of 2012

by · December 18, 2012

Fan advocacy is an important topic for brands. We all want our most loyal fans to spread the word about how much they love our company. While companies are spending a lot of time and money focusing on “influencer” outreach, I’ve been equally exploring the topic of “fan influencers”. I’ve been looking for opportunities to build strategies for brands that focus on finding your most influential fans and providing them with a platform to amplify their message and we’re doing some interesting testing. As a result, I was curious about how advocates and detractors mention brands online.


Have We Grown Weary Of Brand Attacks?

by · October 31, 2011

The dust has settled from the Ragu Hates Dads incident from a few weeks back. I’m sure it could have been worse had C.C. Chapman not been resolved to just shrug it off. Several others chapped by the incident, including me, voiced some lingering concerns, but all-in-all it wasn’t an overly egregious violation of consumer trust. Just a minor wrinkling of the nose in the grand scheme of things.


Southwest Airlines and Social Media Strategy: 5 Lessons for Marketers

by · June 30, 2011

One challenge I’ve had with many corporate clients is getting employees to blog. Most corporate folks feel like they don’t have the time or skills. So it piqued my interest when I found out Southwest Airlines has a slew of employees writing their Nuts about Southwest blog. I was drawn in by the energy and spirit of the blog: All homegrown.

Curious, I sat down (virtually) with Christi McNeill, who manages SW’s corporate social media strategy to discuss the blog and social media program.  Turns out they’re doing a lot right down in Dallas. The social media program, started in 2006, is showing impressive results: 12 million monthly visits to its website, 1 million Twitter followers, 1.3 million Facebook likers.


Doing Social Media Well Means Not Going By The Book

by · September 14, 2010

Editor’s Note: The following is a guest post from Ilana Rabinowitz, Vice-President of Marketing for Lion Brand Yarn Company.

Social media consultants often suggest developing a unified “brand voice” and creating a rulebook about how to interact on social media.  This goes against two of the most basic criteria for success in social media: openness (transparency) and being yourself (authenticity).  The parentheses are the buzzwords often used with these concepts, that are a pet peeve of mine.


Social Media First From K-Mart? Yep. K-Mart.

by · July 12, 2010

Got a hot tip yesterday that this was coming. Kmart announced today during #gamerchat an interesting new (and likely industry and retail first) social media effort to bridge their online gaming community at with off-line retail activity. Starting today, qualified reviews of games posted at may start appearing along with the reviewed game on store shelves.


A Moment In Social Media History: 7th Son

by · October 27, 2009

If you’ve ever had doubts about the power of the groundswell or social media, allow me the opportunity to introduce you to J.C. Hutchins. In 2006, the Louisville native (only one of the many reasons I dig the guy) was dutifully submitting his sci-fi trilogy novels called 7th Son to book publishers. No one would give him the time of day. The stories were about human cloning, complete with a conspiracy sparked by the assassination of an American president, but they were probably a bit too “out there” for publishers at the time.

J.C. Hutchins - 7th Son: Decent


Social Media For Small Business: Caminito Argentinean Steakhouse

by · October 27, 2008

A continual frustration many business owners and brand managers have when investigating social media is that most of the case studies continue to come from the tech industry. While it would be easy to flip their ears for not being the forward-thinking innovators who take those learnings to their own category, translating a tech company or software platform’s marketing approach into the real world of business can be complicated and frustrating. Not only is the world of the web all Greek to them, but many Tech successes have come from organic growth fueled by all-night traffic-seeking binges from 20-something start-up junkies on speed rather than strategic marketing plans.