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H&R Block Ridiculous? Yes, Again, And It’s Awesome!

by · March 4, 2014

It’s an understood reality that taxes are dreadful. I actually got an email from my accountant the other day that began with, “You’re going to have to pay a lot of money in taxes this year.” Welcome to just a snippet of my existence.

But when someone, or perhaps something, can make taxes, well tolerable, it gets my attention. That’s why two years ago I wrote a post about H&R Block’s unique “‘Stache Act” campaign developed with digital marketing and PR firm Elasticity, with whom I actually now work with in my capacity with CafePress. As I wrote then, the campaign was, “a milestone in content marketing. A big, successful corporation is breaking the mold of its own, traditional voice and showing a ton of personality.”


Overcoming Skepticism On Social Campaigns And Vine

by · January 13, 2014

Lots of brands pitch us at Social Media Explorer to talk about the nifty social media campaigns they’re launching. Most pitches make me sick to my stomach for a variety of reasons. The majority because your plan doesn’t interest me. Your success does. Pitch me after the thing is over and you can share some success metrics.

Sometimes its because the campaign premise is disingenuous or just a spin on advertising applied in the social space. And yes, sometimes its because the PR person or firm in question is spam-tastic or pitches me something I’d never write about in the first place.


What Can Social Media Do For A Traditional Brand?

by · August 12, 2013

Last weekend’s Hambletonian gave us an interesting look at social media. Odd that we’re talking about social media and an 87-year-old harness race – a sport most associate with 70-something New Jersey retirees – but that’s kind of the point. This year, for the first time, the Hambletonian made a focused effort on social media to re-ignite enthusiasm for the event – harness racing’s version of the Kentucky Derby – and even for the sport itself.


Autodesk Scores a Home Run with Gamification

by · November 8, 2012

When most people think about social media they immediately jump to Facebook or Twitter. However, some of the best companies are looking at social media in a different way. They are spending time figuring out how they can leverage social behaviors with their audience to meet their goals. Autodesk is doing just that. Rather than only focusing on social networks, they are taking social integration to a new level. They are building it into core decision points in their prospect lifecycle. Figuring out how to deeply integrate social elements into a company’s products, services, and business processes is where the most innovative companies are moving and Autodesk is certainly leading the charge in their industry.

28 comments’s Simple Solution Award Worthy

by · October 8, 2012

The latest Sammy Awards, given by Digiday, showcase excellence and breakthrough achievement in social advertising, media and marketing. As a member of a team that won a Sammy (in 2009), I’ve always been partial to those winners. The Sammy Awards were the first award-type recognition for work in the field and still hold some cache in my mind, at least. was a winner this year in the category of most innovative business using the social medium to build its company culture and brands. Yes, The website for real estate.


Increasing Customer Spend With A Little Social Media Help

by · July 6, 2012

Postcardmania reached out to me recently to tell me of a social media case study of their own that generated $120,637 in sales. Case studies with metrics are hard to come by — everyone wants to tell me what they’re about to do. Very few want to tell me what they did. So, I started asking questions.

It turns out that Postcardmania, which is a full-service marketing company, but one that certainly has a direct mail bend, came up with a nice case study on increasing current customer spend. It’s not altogether a social media case study, but what they did is worth noting because social media can at least get an assist here. Here’s what they did:


Breast Cancer Gets Glammed

by · October 27, 2011

In honor of breast cancer awareness month, I decided to take a look around and see if I could find an inspirational story of a breast cancer survivor who is using digital media to give back. There are a lot of stories out there about breast cancer awareness and the campaign has become so huge that it’s quite literally impossible not to think of your cha-chas all month. It’s fantastic that the movement has caught on and clearly it is working as the most recent statistics show us that the survival rate is up to 68% of diagnosed patients. This post is designed to help the 1,596,670 new patients who will be diagnosed with breast cancer THIS YEAR, according to the American Cancer Society!


What One Small Business Has Learned About Digital Marketing

by · June 2, 2011

The third of our free pass winners to BlogWorld & New Media Expo was About Curves, an online retailer for plus-size lingerie. Pamela Hazleton nominated them and KC from About Curves came to soak up the knowledge BlogWorld has to offer. The great thing about KC winning the pass was that she really represents exactly who should be coming to an event like BlogWorld and attend the Social Media Business Summit. She’s a small business owner/entrepreneur, out there doing it in the real world.