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Facebook Puts On Its Business Hat

by · October 23, 2013

Advertising on Facebook used to be a pain. The interface was clunky and complicated, as was the actual allocation of any ad spending. It seems that Facebook has paid attention to feedback from its users and, finally, simplified its advertising process.

With the recent roll out of the new Facebook for Business hub, it seems that Facebook has definitely decided to strap on its business hat, and strap it on firmly.


The Fourth Question Has Changed

by · July 17, 2013

This is a strange time for marketers. So many of the fundamental metrics that have been essential to the business have been rendered either meaningless or less meaningful. The definition of “audience” has changed, and the math now reflects niches and behavior and tracking to a degree that is as useful  as it is maddening.

Some consultants will tell you that if you create great content, you don’t have to worry as much. And they used to be right. The successful marketers have injected added value to their messages – some opting for humor, some for utility, others for sheer journalistic weight. But the recipe for great content isn’t as easy as just adding butter (and given Paula Deen’s woes, butter might be the only entity that hasn’t cut ties with her.)

Still, there are some basic steps that you can walk through to ensure you aren’t entirely losing your way. Ask yourself:  


Geolocate This!

by · July 11, 2013

After chewing on the hare for a while, and believing that most people probably think that my posts on the maturation of the social listening market may have been a bit overcomplicated, I figured it would be worthwhile to follow them up with an example that applies those concepts.   The main point of that series was to illustrate that each and every thing that goes on in a market is related to the framework by which it operates.  The reason conceptual frameworks are important to me is their ability to help me recognize patterns that ultimately help me influence others as well as understand their needs.

So how could I possibly apply that kooky model to anything but a social media dissertation?  Well, let’s start with the model again.  Below is an illustration of the “4 pillars” of social listening.  The explanation of them is in my previous post.  I put them here for reference.  The market essentially has developed through people’s desire to first worry about features, then content, and now they care about accuracy.  So if we accept that the social listening market is all about accuracy today, let’s talk about one of today’s hottest FEATURES… Geolocation.

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Social Media: Why it’s a Big Fat Waste of Time and Money!

by · July 10, 2013

Kate chuckled as she repeated the reporter’s question: “Do we have a social media strategy? Of course we do! To get as many Facebook likes as humanly possible!”

Social media has been the next big thing for several years. And now brands just like Kate’s are increasingly throwing lots and lots of money at it. And why not? It’s become quite popular.

Unfortunately though, most of their investment is going down the drain. Why? Because many brands treat social media like a shiny new toy:  it’s different, fun to play with, and most importantly, everyone else has one.


The Social Media Fog is Rolling In

by · May 29, 2013

Well, we are definitely in the midst of the rise of social media…  It is no longer a fad.  It is no longer weird.  It is no longer just your kids on there.  The stodgy leadership of your gigantic company knows that social media can’t be ignored anymore.  The budgets are not only there to be spent, but are actually starting to swell.  There are people with enough experience to be hired to take on roles defined for the digital space.


Are We Worn Out

by · June 8, 2012

Now that we are a few years into this social media maze, I’m curious:

How is everyone feeling?

For me, my level of energy and interest came into question a few times last week. The incidents ran the gambit: From remember-the-good-ole-days when we all shared everything on Twitter, (now we don’t in fear of giving something away); to a couple blog posts I read that essentially yelled, “Uncle!” The authors say they’ve had enough and can’t keep up. Are we just worn out?


Social Media Sucks for Businesses and Here’s Why

by · May 16, 2012

Let’s just get straight to the point… social media sucks. Plain and simple. For years it’s been “business as usual” and then suddenly everyone is bouncing around words like “social”, “engage”, “community” and all kinds of other blather. Some of the biggest companies in the world such as Ford, Starbucks, Dell, American Express and many others have fallen for the trap. I’m here to warn you before you do anything stupid. Social media sucks and here’s a few reasons why …


SocialMadness Might Be Mad, But Might Be Good Too

by · April 6, 2012

The local business weekly paper in Louisville is called Business First. It’s one of the American City Business Journals publications that can be found at The parent company has announced a social media competition for businesses called Social Madness. The contest will pit like-sized companies against one another to see who can drive more growth in social connections during a period of time. The winner will get money to donate to its favorite charity.


Why Social Media Purists Won’t Last

by · November 23, 2009

I’ve always considered myself a bit of a purist when it comes to social media. I believe strongly that it’s more important to engage in conversations and build relationships with people, both as an individual and as a company or brand, than it is to come at them selling product. If you build relationships, the products will sell. Sure, it’s a longer build, but with it comes longer benefit.