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Gaming The Ethics Of Social Media

by · November 19, 2012

You will know you’ve graduated beyond the superficiality of social media marketing when you shed the “social media” label from your thinking. Certainly, I’ve built a nice reputation by talking a lot about social media in the last few years. But social media is a small part of what will drive customers to buy or try, think or say.

In our book, No Bullshit Social Media, Erik Deckers and I playfully talk about the hippies and tree-huggers — the social media purists — who think social media success is best measured by how warm and fuzzy your warm and fuzzies are, and how many times you get to sing “Kumbaya” with your customers. Granted, there’s nothing wrong with warm and fuzzy or “Kumbaya,” but neither make social media marketing successful.


Integrating Social Media Across The Organization

by · February 3, 2012

Operationalizing social media across the organization is perhaps on of the most challenging aspects of social media for companies and brands. Too many look at social media as a consumer-facing communications channel and forget that departments from HR to research and development and even internal collaboration among divisions can all be helped by social technologies and strategies.

We’re addressing that issue at Explore Dallas-Fort Worth in several discussions, one major one led by Zena Weist, Vice-President of Digital Strategy for Edelman. Her experience at brands like Embarq, Sprint and H&R Block, plus the brands she’s working with in her current role, gives her a unique and experienced look at how to incorporate social across the organization. She’ll share not just advice, but case studies on how to do it.


Integrating Social Media Key Challenge For Brands

by · October 4, 2011

Integrating a company’s social media marketing efforts with its other marketing channels seems to be a recurring challenge with companies and brands across the world. Traditional media and marketing stems from the campaign and broadcast messaging mentality while social media marketing is more of a multi-logue — not a monologue or dialogue, but one where each person in the mix can see the communications of others. The philosophical approach is different and integration can be hard.


Join Me In Atlanta For The Social Media Integration Conference

by · July 20, 2011

It’s one thing to concoct a great social media campaign, using all the most effective tactics and best practices. It’s another to be able to integrate those strategies and tools into your existing business structure. Social media integration and execution is what drives results, so it’s important to have a solid understanding of the implementation of your social media plan.


Western River Trumps Itself With Social Media Integration

by · November 22, 2010

Western River Expeditions, an adventure vacation company with destinations in Idaho, Utah and along the Grand Canyon, does an excellent job integrating social media into their digital marketing efforts. If you’re a regular reader of Jay Baer‘s Convince and Convert, you may remember his “Three Amigos” post from August which outlined how Western River uses email marketing, blogging and social sharing to drive their business.