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The Single Best Way to Protect Your Company from a Social Media Crisis

by · March 18, 2015

Companies often think they’re protecting themselves by avoiding investing in a social presence. In fact, they’re leaving themselves as wide open as possible to the risks, without gaining any of the benefits.

Although poor management can turn one complaining customer into a full-blown PR crisis, the very worst social crises are generally caused by a much deeper problem that reaches into the past, before the crisis began. Many companies leave themselves exposed by being reticent in developing their social presence.


Social Media Workflow [Infographic]

by · December 19, 2012

News flash – there are costs associated with social media.

It’s well established that social media technologies – the applications, networks and platforms that drive tactical implementation – are not considered by most to be a cost barrier. The fact is that many tools are free or very affordable. But social media still has costs attached to it – a “different kind of expensive” as my friend Jay Baer likes to say.


Viralheat Offers Free Social Media Management Software … For Realz!

by · August 3, 2012

The opportunities for even small businesses to access better-than-basic social media management and monitoring tools got a lot bigger last week as Viralheat launched what I believe to be the first free social media management platform. The long-time social media monitoring provider has added publishing and engagement as well as a fair set of analytics pass throughs from Facebook, Twitter and the like to form the basis of a simple SMMS platform. And they’re not charging for it. Sign up for free and try it if you like!


At Any Age, Social Media Management Means Taking Responsibility

by · July 23, 2012

I’m happy to be back at Social Media Explorer, sharing insights gleaned from my experience handling corporate social media in an agency environment for the past six years.

Of course, according to Cathryn Sloane, I shouldn’t have bothered, since I’m almost 15 years past my expiration date to be qualified as a social media manager. Don’t worry — over the weekend, my eyes had time to rest up from the strain of rolling over that arrogant declaration.


A LinkedIn Management Tool For B2B Social Media?

by · July 11, 2012

Social media management software solutions are pretty predictable. They go where the money is, which means enterprise on the client focus side and Facebook and Twitter on the social channel side. What that creates, however, is opportunity for a smaller player to enter the marketplace and serve the needs of those left out.

Oktopost is a social media publishing, engagement and lead generation system that is built around LinkedIn and the needs of the B2B business. With its focus on LinkedIn interaction (mainly around group posting and responses), the Israel-based software fills a gap other SMMS providers either ignore or struggle with.


Facebook Admin Upgrades Good For Some, Not All

by · June 12, 2012

Editor’s Note: Today’s post is a guest offering from my friend and client, Peter Heffring. He is the CEO of Expion, a social media management solution, and one of the smartest businessmen I know. He also happens to know a lot about Facebook and how brands can manage it.

As many of you know, Facebook released some major features recently to assist with multiple admins on pages and the long awaited ability to schedule a post up to six months out or every 15 minutes if you please — that doesn’t mean you can get all spammy on us!

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Shoutlet’s New Features Blend SMMS With Marketing Automation

by · February 29, 2012

The ever-growing world of social media management systems continues to blur the lines of categories of platforms. We’ve discussed before the consumer desire for all these tools to get their feature sets together and provide us with an all-in-one digital marketing place. But in the race to make big brands happy on Facebook, we’re left having to piece meal software together to do what we want.

Shoutlet took a nice step forward recently with the addition of something they call the “Switchboard” that integrates a bit of marketing automation with social media management. Instead of setting Tweets or Facebook posts and the like to fire at certain times or days, using Shoutlet you can now set them to send based on events or triggers.


Sprout Social Offers A Robust Social And Digital Media Management Solution

by · August 27, 2011

Everyone wants a simpler way to manage the complexities of tasks that go along with social media marketing, right? Sprout Social has stepped into that void a bit with a tool that I’ve been quite impressed with. I reviewed Sprout Social for members of Exploring Social Media a while back. This week, they became a sponsor here at SME!

Sprout Social essentially acts as a social media management tool for both the average and power users. It allow you to monitor and respond on social networks, identify influencers around a topic and then pull that public and influencer data into a simple customer relationship management system. There are also some nice metric gathering mechanisms built into it, too.


Should We Be Un-Integrating Our Marketing?

by · June 14, 2011

Ever notice that there are always two camps: One that wants to split things down the center and be all things to all people, and the other that is radically on one side or the other sucking down the Kool-Aid with a giant straw?

As of late I have found myself trying to be closer to the center, saying such things as you need an integrated marketing approach. I think that is a mistake. I should be asking, “What marketing venue or platform are you going to stop doing, before you start doing social media marketing?: The best way is NOT an integrated marketing approach. Businesses simply cannot add more things. More marketing equates to spending more money. A more appropriate question would be, “What are we going to stop doing in order to allow room for worn out ways to pass and new ways to emerge?”