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Coke’s sugar-coated ‘commitment’

by · March 7, 2013

Sometimes I’m ashamed to be a marketer. Most days, I believe in what I do and I’m proud of it.

Marketing helps businesses grow. And it helps great businesses – ones that provide real value to their customers – grow even faster. Social media is a powerful new tool for this kind of marketing.

But then there’s the other side of marketing. And social media is helping that side spread its messages, too. Today, I turned the page of my daily Guardian and saw a full-page ad from Coke.

Here’s the unedited copy:


Gaming The Ethics Of Social Media

by · November 19, 2012

You will know you’ve graduated beyond the superficiality of social media marketing when you shed the “social media” label from your thinking. Certainly, I’ve built a nice reputation by talking a lot about social media in the last few years. But social media is a small part of what will drive customers to buy or try, think or say.

In our book, No Bullshit Social Media, Erik Deckers and I playfully talk about the hippies and tree-huggers — the social media purists — who think social media success is best measured by how warm and fuzzy your warm and fuzzies are, and how many times you get to sing “Kumbaya” with your customers. Granted, there’s nothing wrong with warm and fuzzy or “Kumbaya,” but neither make social media marketing successful.