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Survey Reveals 11% Increase in Marketers’ Ability to Measure Social Media ROI

by · May 19, 2014

It will likely come as no surprise that marketers still haven’t figured out social media ROI. Social Media Examiner has released their annual Social Media Marketing Industry Report which is chock full of stats on how marketers are using social media.

Let’s start with ROI since it’s a subject near and dear to my heart.


Where Is Marketing And Where Is It Headed?

by · January 8, 2014

Exact Target released new research this morning that looks at the State of Marketing in 2014. The research, pulled from over 2,500 marketing professionals, has some interesting trends and developments that tell us a bit about where our own heads are and where many are moving.

As expected, the priority for marketers in 2014 is to drive increased conversion rates and improve brand awareness. Collecting and measuring behavioral data comes in third with the other two neck and neck, but those two are what marketers are typically charged with. What surprised me at first glance was that 61 percent of the respondents said the planned to increase spending for data and analytics, which was the highest among other areas. Certainly, quantifying and qualifying success is important, but this category in the lead may indicate that marketers are not satisfied in understanding of what they get in return.


The Most Loved and Hated Brands of 2012

by · December 18, 2012

Fan advocacy is an important topic for brands. We all want our most loyal fans to spread the word about how much they love our company. While companies are spending a lot of time and money focusing on “influencer” outreach, I’ve been equally exploring the topic of “fan influencers”. I’ve been looking for opportunities to build strategies for brands that focus on finding your most influential fans and providing them with a platform to amplify their message and we’re doing some interesting testing. As a result, I was curious about how advocates and detractors mention brands online.


Comparing Conversational Market Research With What We Know

by · September 19, 2012

On Monday I presented some initial findings in the upcoming new edition of The Conversation Report: What Consumers Are Saying About Restaurants to the Food Service Social Media Universe event in Chicago. We’re deep into the research for that report now and hope to have it ready to publish by early next month. (To be added to the email list for an update when it’s ready, just visit The Conversation Report online.)


The Social Media Research Offer You Shouldn’t Refuse

by · September 5, 2012

You know by now that I’m partnering with Edison Research and its Vice-President for Strategy Tom Webster, along with fellow social media marketing practitioners Jay Baer and Mark Schaefer on Edison’s The Social Habit. The first quarterly edition of this truly scientific look into consumer usage behavior and attitudes toward social media is actually in the field with questions being asked now. We’re interviewing 3,000 Americans, 12-years-old and over, about lots of different subjects related to social media.

This research will begin to shape how brands use and deploy social media and social media marketing strategies. In this first (of many to come) quarterly report, we’re asking and will answer questions like:


Asking Better Questions: Why Do People Use Social Networks?

by · August 2, 2012

Three winners have been chosen in The Social Habit’s call for research questions in the first of our quarterly research reports on the social media habit of Americans 12 and over. Steve Dodd, Rhonda Hurwitz and Susan Baier will receive a free copy of the first report. Our first instrument goes into the field in the coming weeks.

You may recall I’m partnering with Edison Research/Tom Webster, Jay Baer and Mark Schaefer to present a new, quarterly version of Edison’s formerly annual survey of Americans 12 and over who use social media. If you haven’t already, do subscribe to free updates on our findings via The Social Habit’s email list, or follow along on the Social Habit blog.


Want To Know What Social Media Users Are Thinking? Now You Can!

by · July 24, 2012

The first major lesson I learned as a working professional in the marketing business was that there was almost nothing more important in the marketing decision-making process than sound research and data from which decisions could be made. Without it, you’re guessing. And guessing often leads to less-than-optimal outcomes.

Today, I’m happy to tell you that not only is Edison Research expanding its annual survey of social media users in America to a quarterly survey (from annual), and that I have joined Edison’s Tom Webster, Convince and Convert’s Jay Baer and Schaefer Marketing Solution’s Mark Schaefer as editorial board analysts for The Social Habit, but that our first round of survey questions can include the question YOU want to have answered! (Your company is welcome to purchase questions as it would with more traditional polling. But we are also crowdsourcing potential ones too. See below.)


The Social Habit Research Now Available

by · June 7, 2012

You’ve probably heard me complain before that the so-called “science” or research that you often find on blogs and websites for software companies, while useful and sometimes even insightful, is less than perfect. It’s “research” for content sake, not for insight’s sake.

Furthering frustration is the fact that few companies focus solely on social media or social networking market research yet. So we’re left with Pew Internet & American Life and a few other cursory surveys from a handful of companies that choose to share what they find.


What Are Women Saying Online?

by · February 28, 2012

My partner Aaron Marshall and I joked one day about doing some research for our upcoming industry reports product (first one launches very soon) around what women are talking about online in terms of purchasing items and calling the report, “That’s What She Said.” It got a good laugh, even though both of us then thought seriously about the project. Then I hopped on a call with Visible Technologies to chat about doing a webinar with them and I rolled out that topic as the idea.

They loved it.