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Searching for social ROI?

by · November 12, 2014

I am pulling my hair out over here! It’s one of the absolute worst, most frustrating feelings one can have…losing stuff. You see, I have a computer cord that I only need about twice a year, and I always put it back in the same place when I am done with it. Because when I need it, I really need it. And it’s not here. It’s not in its place, and I’m in the process of tearing my house apart looking for it. It’s a totally helpless feeling. And if you are being asked to prove your social ROI…you know this feeling firsthand. But lucky for you, there’s help for your lost things. Keep your hands off of your hair, and see what SME Digital has found for you.

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If The Metric Isn’t Money, You Cannot Measure ROI

by · September 8, 2014

The single biggest challenge both communications professionals and the business leaders they answer to have to overcome is understanding business metrics. There are generally two kinds: Those related to revenue and those related to intangibles. When you’re measuring revenue, you can calculate return on investment (ROI). When you’re not measuring revenue, you can’t.

Yet both communications professionals and their managers somehow still think it’s okay to hold us to ROI standards for any and all business objectives.


Social media ROI is nothing but a numbers game

by · March 3, 2014

Every time a marketer says that social media ROI isn’t important or doesn’t tell the whole story, a piece of their career potential dies. I will be the first to tell you that social media ROI isn’t the end all, be-all metric. But I will tell you that it is one that absolutely can’t be swept under the rug or forgotten. You may not care about ROI, but every person who has real influence over your career cares…and they care A LOT. So we need to embrace it and figure out how to get the numbers that would actually give us a chance to get that seat at the executive table. Think that’s malarkey? The distrust from CEO’s is extending to the entire marketing team up to the CMO and the top reason is inability to deliver ROI. In essence, not figuring this out could impact your career trajectory.


Six Reasons Social Marketing is at Risk

by · February 27, 2014

So, Facebook turned 10 this past February. Ten! That’s double digits, big boy age. Facebook can walk to the store to buy candy by itself now. Ten is a big milestone. For a lot less than 10 years, marketers have been working to figure out just how to use social to attract and retain customers. And, in all honesty, we’re getting better at it. But, even as we polish our skills in social marketing, we marketers need to realize that our approach and the current climate is putting social marketing at risk.


2014 Marketing Measurement Predictions

by · December 31, 2013

The world of marketing measurement has evolved drastically over the last 5 years. I’ve personally watched as we have moved from theory into practice and it has been inspirational to say the least. I’ve seen some trends with the companies I’ve talked to that I thought it was time to talk about what trends are bubbling to the top.

I wanted to take a look at where the industry is headed and make some predictions so that marketing teams can finally get ahead of the curve.


The Top Driver of Social Media ROI That You Are Probably Missing

by · December 17, 2013

Attribution problems are likely the greatest barrier to social media ROI in the market today. The reality is that social media does a tremendous job of starting the conversation, but many times it isn’t the “last” place someone looks before making a purchase. Therefore, there are a lot of sales that social media influenced that go unreported.

Remarketing advertising offers an opportunity to segment social media users and show them targeted ads through the Google Ad Network or through Facebook using tools like AdRoll.


It’s Time for a Social Media Measurement Intervention

by · November 5, 2013

Tweets, retweets, mentions, likes, comments, shares, Klout, Kred, PTAT…Seriously?!? When did marketers decide that we need to speak in tongues to justify our efforts? Let’s get started on the right foot here. The first step is to stop trying to spin social media measurement by hypnotizing people with your crazy “social” metrics speak. For this to work, you’ll also have to stop fooling yourself into thinking that these metrics are cool, too.

It’s time for a social media measurement intervention because it’s gotten a little out of hand and people are starting to get concerned about you, Social Media. People are saying that you’ll never produce a return for our company, that you are all about partying and hanging out with your friends instead of helping our business grow, and even worse…there are memes about you going around.


Demystifying Marketing and Social Media Measurement

by · October 15, 2013

I’ve been evangelizing measurement in social media since 2009. I’ve started to sound a bit like a broken record to myself in that time, but the reality is that for me, it isn’t really about measuring social media. It’s about measuring marketing activity and social media is just one piece of the pie. I truly believe that measurement is the difference between being just another marketer and being a business rock star.


Stop Listening When Social Media Experts Tell You ROI Isn’t Important

by · September 17, 2013

How can you possibly position the value of social media when you have experts telling you you’re an idiot for trying to measure ROI? Social media ROI has caused a lengthy debate amongst the social media speaker’s circuit. I was a late comer to the social media conversation as I really started getting serious about the business opportunities for social media in 2009. My interest was primarily fueled because I saw a huge potential for measurement standards and building ROI models. My interest was piqued when I had an employee tell me that you flat-out couldn’t measure social media because it was about relationship building.