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The Easiest Way To Win With Social Media

by · April 21, 2014

Its Twitter stream is a never-ending flow of promotional links. Its Facebook page is much of the same. In fact, many of its social posts are mixed languages as well, potentially confusing or turning off part of its audience. It’s LinkedIn presence is nothing to write home about. If it has a blog, it’s impossible to find.

This doesn’t sound like a successful social company, does it? But it might be the hottest thing in social yet. Here’s why: Almost, if not every mention of it online is a glowing review. People go out of their way to brag about the company. The word-of-mouth metrics on this brand online are through the roof.


Why Marketers Get Social Media Wrong

by · June 24, 2013

Most marketers get social media wrong. Especially those that have been around the block a few times and know a thing or two about marketing. 

It’s not that they don’t understand what social media is about. It’s not that they don’t “get” social. They all have the Facebooks and the Tweeters and they post and follow and like and +1. Many seem to be finally understanding that the content you provide on social channels needs to be audience centric rather than brand centric. In fact, there’s not a lot you need to explain to today’s marketers about social media anymore.


Great Social Media Requires a Bigger Trash Can

by · February 12, 2013

As companies look to make their foray into “social media” too many times they look to the social network to generate success. They are asking “is Twitter or Facebook right for my brand?” This approach is fraught with problems because at the end of the day the social media network doesn’t matter. That’s right, I said it. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Vine or any other social media channel you are using will NOT generate success for your company. Ridiculously amazing content is what generates success.


The Simple Strategies & Tactics Are Often Best

by · June 1, 2012

Driving into the office on Thursday, I heard an interesting radio commercial. Actually, only the last line of the commercial was interesting. It was seven words that accomplished three things digital and social media marketers keep banging their heads against the wall over.

The chatter at conferences, on blogs and in webinars of late has included many themes, but these three keep emerging as what digital marketers can’t quite figure out:

  1. Defining a strategic purpose for social media
  2. Integrating social media with traditional marketing
  3. Driving more engagement

Don’t Let ROI Get In Your Way

by · April 24, 2012

Here’s the question you don’t want to hear while you’re building an audience: “When will we see a dollar from this?”

There is a Zen aspect to audience building goes like this:

  • If you want to be able to sell people something, don’t focus on selling.
  • If you want people to listen to you, don’t talk about yourself.
  • If you want to get something back from your audience, be generous.

So, how can you see a dollar from this?  Wrong question.


The Overnight Success Of A Social Media Cynic

by · January 3, 2012

Bob Hoffman is one of those guys you love and hate all in the same breath. At least he is for me. Longtime author of the amazingly thought-provoking blog The Ad Contrarian, Hoffman bemoans bad advertising, berates ad industry idiosyncrasies, but also spends an awful lot of time bashing social media.

I had the honor (though at times I’ve questioned that label) of serving on a panel discussion with Bob once. It was at an advertising conference a few years back. I recall him trying to call bullshit on social media as a whole and me throwing it back at him as best I could coming from a relative neophyte in the marketing world.


Your Brand’s Biggest Challenge

by · September 6, 2011

The biggest challenge your brand faces in its social media marketing success has nothing to do with Facebook. It doesn’t even have anything to do with technology. In fact, the biggest challenge your brand faces in business, not just marketing, is your ability to understand one simple tenant: It’s not an end sum game.

You have customers. You also have prospective customers, on- and off-line. Your competition does, too. And they will tomorrow. So will you.


Are You Playing The Social Media Game To Win?

by · October 18, 2010

I’ve developed an addiction to a silly iPhone game called Block-Off. It’s one of those dumb block removal games where, if you find two or more blocks of the same color connected to one another, you tap them and they disappear, realigning the columns. The various opportunities to remove similar blocks, depending upon the arrangement, makes it difficult to “clear the board” which you naturally think is the ultimate performance.


25 Simple Ways To Earn Trust

by · May 31, 2010

I’ve been exploring conversational marketing lately, both for some of the talks I give and to advise clients on appropriate and effective ways to not just engage our audiences in conversation, but also persuade them. If we, as social media marketers, are not using the engagement opportunity to motivate those audiences to do something, then there’s little business purpose in having the conversations in the first place.

At Social Media Plus last week, I talked about conversational marketing and came away from the presentation thinking a lot about trust. My theory around conversational marketing is that success occurs when our genuine participation (that without marketing as motivation) earns enough trust from our audience to share information that is driven by our business. But trust is earned in a variety of ways.