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Feeding the Social Beast

by · July 2, 2013

I’m starting to wonder about the whole social media equation and whether the penalties and prices of swimming in the new social pool are sometimes (or maybe inevitably) greater than the sum of the many returns. What started, for me, as a toe in the water has become something that often feels more like a face-full of firehose or a desperate crawl against a torrent of social obligations.

Social media is literally, figuratively and virtually insatiable. It is the beast that cannot even pretend to stay fed.

When it all started to emerge (When was that? When bloggers started allowing comments? When Facebook opened up its API, instantly relegating MySpace to the minor leagues?  When an obscure microblogging service decided to limit all posts to 140 characters?), I knew I’d have to find out all I could about this new medium/channel/proto-juggernaut.


The Pinning of America

by · December 6, 2012

Pinterest was of keen interest as we formulated questions for the first quarterly execution of The Social Habit. And for very good reason: 2012 was the year Pinterest exploded and became not just big, but relevant in the digital marketing mix.

How relevant has been somewhat of a mystery until now. Our survey of 3,000+ Americans 12 and over shows that Pinterest is the third most popular social network for women aged 18-44. That’s significant.


Altimeter Report: Advanced Companies Still Struggle With Social Media

by · August 31, 2011

The Altimeter Group released a report today that has some interesting insights into how enterprise corporations are using social media marketing. Surprisingly, the “advanced” companies using social media, the report says, are still deficient in tying customer data to their product roadmap and into support systems. While these are certainly the far reaches of integrating social data into a company’s ecosystem, the fact that even the big boys don’t have it all together is an indication that social is still a bit of a riddle for us all.


What CMOs Think About Social Media

by · January 27, 2011

One of my favorite and most often used pieces of research when speaking about social media marketing is a bit of data from a 2010 Bazaarvoice survey of chief marketing officers and their expectations for the use of social media. Back then, the fastest-growing metrics identified as critical for a company’s social media marketing efforts were revenue, conversions and average order value.

The reason I loved the research so much is that when you threw those three metrics at most “social media gurus” they looked at you like you had three heads. When you’re not groomed in marketing and business and you believe that “joining the conversation” is all there is to social media, you don’t get very far with company CMOs or other executives.


101 Social Media Stats to Make Your Spirits Bright and Your Head Spin

by · December 15, 2010

Finding the right needle in the haystack that is the Internet is often times an exercise in futility and frustration.

Sure, you can find “quick tips” for just about anything, a “how-to” guide for maximizing anything you’d like to maximize,  and “case studies” that illustrate someone else’s success story which you believe – for a fleeting moment – you can just as easily apply to your own situation.

Social Media Life - Workstation
Image by the tartanpodcast via Flickr

Most often the tips are oversimplified, the how-to guides leave much to be desired, and the case studies seem to more like exceptions than they are rules.


Reading Through The Statistics On Social Media

by · September 4, 2009

With the world’s rush to quantify and understand more about social media, social networking and the like, more companies are diving in to research in the social space. Forrester Research isn’t the only one, though their recent Broad Reach of Social Technologies from Sean Corcoran provided confirmation, if anything else, that more people are using social tools and all this talk about social media isn’t for naught.

Face time is the overwhelming preference according to Brightkites survey.

Face time is the overwhelming preference according to Brightkite's survey.