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What Google+ Can Teach Us About Social

by · December 10, 2012

You don’t hear a lot of ballyhoo or trumpeting of Google+ these days, at least from Google. So when someone from the mothership speaks, it’s interesting to see what they say. CNET’s Casey Newton did a nice job of pulling some fantastic insights about Google+ out of its VP of Product, Bradley Horowitz during his talk at a Business Insider Conference recently.

The key insight: Google+ is not the focal point of the company’s efforts. It’s a fabric that ties many of Google’s products together.


SoLoMo Show Ep 34: Social Media Self Expression and Redefining the Social Network

by · September 1, 2012

The SoLoMo Show is a weekly podcast hosted by Adam Helweh and Cory OBrien. Each week they discuss topics, trends and tactics related to social, local and mobile marketing.


10 Tips to Maximize Event Coverage Via Video

by · July 25, 2012

As companies seek new opportunities to grow the value of event investments, live event reporting is emerging as an expert service that mashes up the virtues sought by traditional PR, SEO and advertising agencies. Video coverage is one way event professionals are promoting and amplifying event content.

Limiting event coverage to a video camera on a tripod that records or streams the event live may not bring the optimal outcome needed to grow the exposure of your event. To maximize the ROI for your next event, you can set the stage for success with live video streaming added to the mix of your live event coverage.


Is Twitter’s LinkedIn Denial A Shot In Its Own Foot?

by · July 18, 2012

Editor’s Note: The following is a guest post from Sara Carter, a reader and social media and computing professional in Colorado.
Twitter is arguably one of the most popular social media networks in the world, with millions of users connecting to the service to share their thoughts ranging from quite serious to the mundane each day. Although the platform stands as its own unique service, there are many different companies that use Twitter to connect with their followers and share information with others.

In spite of Twitter’s mass appeal and the millions who rely upon the service, the network has been slow to see monetization occur.


The Social Networking Rub

by · May 4, 2012

Social networking and the marketing and technology world’s response to it is quite amusing. To network socially is to connect with people of like mind and interest to have a group of individuals you can relate to when you choose. It’s about having a group of buds to watch the game with or girlfriends to meet for lunch … in a manner of speaking.


Employees on Social Networks: To Be or Not To Be…

by · January 27, 2012

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post written by Ann Davlin who works at MotoCMS – an advanced Flash CMS and Flash templates provider.

It’s not a secret that many recruiters and business owners use social networking sites to screen prospective employees. According to the survey of 300 hiring professionals conducted by Reppler the most popular online resources for time wasting are Facebook (76%), Twitter (53%) and Linkedin (48%). It probably means that the whole (online and offline) business world considers it necessary to take social networks activity into account and use it for corporate objectives. But there are not so many employers who enable their employees to use these social networks at the working time if they are not engaged in corporate social accounts maintenance: In 2009 Robert Half Technology proclaimed that:


10 Better Ideas Than Looking at a Top 10 List for Advice

by · January 10, 2012

Top 10 lists are like new year’s resolutions. They seem great at first, but they quickly make you feel bored, hopeless, and like you’ve wasted your time.

And that’s usually because they are filled with things you know you should do but can’t commit to doing. They’re too aspirational. Too shoot-for-the-moon-y.

Which is why I’ve kept this one bare-bones, tactical, and hopefully useful for you beyond the 4 days it typically takes us to crash and burn through our empty new year promises.


Facebook Snakes and Ladders [Infographic]

by · September 14, 2011

Over the last couple of years strategies for using Facebook to connect with your audience, market your business and manage your brand have evolved beyond simply posting content to your wall.

Here’s an old school look at the Dos and Don’ts of managing your organization or brand’s Facebook page.

Roll the dice and see where you land – and please feel free to drop by the comments and let me know your thoughts on what squares you would add.