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Are Google, Facebook and Twitter the Reason Mass Surveillance is Possible?

by · March 18, 2014

Edward Snowden’s interview at SXSW was likely the most talked about, debated and controversial session at SXSW this year. Regardless of how you feel about Snowden’s disclosure of the NSA’s surveillance program, the session raised some very profound questions that are worth talking about. Before we can get to those questions, I’ll set the stage with some background from the conversation.


Are Genetics the Key to Personalized Healthcare?

by · March 11, 2014

There was one session that really stood out for me at #SXSW this year. Anne Wojcicki, CEO of 23 and Me addressed all of the controversy surrounding their genome mapping product head on. takes the saliva from their customers and maps a slice of their DNA. They map everything from your ancestry, your drug response, your disease risk to your inherited conditions and traits. And they do it for a price that is shockingly low, $99.


The Horse Boy Foundation – #GivingTuesday

by · March 12, 2013

Autism is something that I’m very aware of since my sister is the Co-Founder of New England Pediatric Services. While I’ve been very fortunate not to be directly touched by it, I have several friends who have children at varying points on the spectrum.

So, this past weekend during SXSW at the annual AllHat party, I learned about the Austin, Texas based Horse Boy Foundation, The founder was on site as well as a couple of horses and a therapy goat. The minute I heard their story, I couldn’t wait to share the great work they are doing here in my column.


The Friday Falls SXSW Shindig Is On!

by · February 6, 2013

For those of you going to South by Southwest, I’m happy to let you know the Friday evening Falls Shindig is on and this year, my new team at CafePress is sponsoring and providing some additional fun for everyone. It’s Friday, March 8, 2013 from 4 p.m. until 7 p.m. CT at Bourbon Girl on 6th (between San Jancinto and Brazos). Bourbon Girl is a new bar and well … Bourbon … Girl … didn’t have to talk me into it much. Heh.

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The Twitter Impact of SXSW

by · March 14, 2012

There were 224 Tweets about South by Southwest on the first day of the interactive conference back in 2006. That was the year the then fledgling microblogging platform became legitimate, largely because the SXSW crowd took to it so well. Quick and easy communication while you’re lost in a sea of people trying to find your friends was the premise that allowed Twitter to become uber useful, uber fast.

On the first day of this year’s SXSW conference, there were 224,302 Tweets about it. I’m pretty sure 87% of those came across my phone in the form of notifications that made me throw it in my backpack and ignore it. Heh.


The Madness of South by Southwest Is Upon Us

by · March 8, 2012

The next five days will be nuts. It’s South by Southwest Interactive, or as I often call it, “Geek Super Bowl.” The frenzy around SXSW has reached a crescendo I believe is the beginning of a down-turn for the event. I’ve co-hosted a party on Friday night for the last three years and am again this year (with my buds Jim Tobin from Ignite Social Media and my Expion gang [client]), but also received invitations to about six other events that conflict this time round, including one hosted by a another client of SME’s.


Are YOU Conference Ready? 5 Tips to Ensure Your Success

by · March 16, 2011

Using social media to enhance or prepare for a social media event might seem like a no-brainer, but many conference goers get so excited about the “going,” they fail to make the preparations that can transform a good conference into a great one!

So whether you’re thinking about next year’s SXSW or planning a conference event yourself, nearly everything about the experience can be enhanced with the right social tools and attitude.

Are you Conference Ready?

1. Get Storied


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Three Companies, Three Events For SXSW

by · March 8, 2011

Geek Super Bowl is this week. South by Southwest Interactive in Austin, Texas, brings the technology, social media and marketing worlds together in a five-day fit of networking insanity that is hands down the biggest event in the business I’m in. And I’ll be there in full force as usual, but with a little different focus this year.

The second largest state, Texas, is only 40% o...

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Conference Productivity Tips For SXSW

by · March 10, 2010

South by Southwest Interactive begins in ernest tomorrow as geeks from everywhere descend upon Austin, Texas. If you’ve heard of “South by,” you’ve probably been told it’s an amazing experience that is largely defined by parties and networking. Conference productivity is often tossed by the wayside at these things, but if you don’t plan for business success while attending them, then why are you going?

Conferences of any kind are only as productive as you make them. You can to to every session and learn a lot. You can go to none and do the same. If you’re goals are more business driven, the hallways and blogger lounges are where the action is, if not the exhibition floor. But you can’t just show up and be productive.