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Connecting Television and Social: A Contrast

by · February 20, 2014

You know what’s awesome? Live events and social media. I love watching live events and my feed at the same time. Brings me such joy and connection. February brought so many great live annual events like the Super Bowl and the Grammys. When I was watching those events, I was following all of my social feeds and it really added to the experience. It actually felt like I was watching along with my friends around the globe. It made the Grammys feel like more of a global celebration of music and its fans. The Super Bowl was incredible because I was sharing in the revelry of my former hometown and their fans and my friends. I felt like I was a Seattleite again. I felt so connected to those events through my network. And really that is the power of social and its use with broadcast television.

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Has Social Media Changed Television?

by · January 31, 2014

Originally, analysts predicted that the rise in Internet usage would decrease the amount of time people spent watching TV. However, Eggo Müller says that this didn’t turn out to be the case. The Internet and social media have actually enhanced TV viewing in many ways without negatively affecting its popularity as a pastime.

Take a look at some of the ways TV has changed because of social media and the Internet.


Twitter, Time Shifting, Technology & Television

by · February 25, 2011

Are you a “Time Shifter”? No, I am not asking you if you have the ability to slip in and out of the time space continuum at will. I am asking if you are among the millions of people who record your favorite television shows via Tivo or some other DVR device so you can watch them when it’s convenient for you?

An article posted by the AP back in August states, “Sixty-two percent of viewers across the country interviewed in a poll conducted for the nation’s largest cable company, Comcast Corp., said they have used time-shifting technology. Six in 10 people said they owned a digital video recorder.”


How To Watch Web Video On Your HDTV

by · April 25, 2009

Yes, I might be a bit behind the gadget head cutting edge on this one, but I thought since I’d not tried it yet, there are probably several others out there who haven’t either. On Saturday, I did a little video showing you how easy (and worth it) it can be to run your computer video through your home television to see web video, live streams, et. al., through your big screen television.


How Journalists Can Leverage Social Media

by · February 26, 2009

Jason Falls

Jason Falls

Last summer I spent a good deal of time researching and preparing a presentation for Blog World & New Media Expo on putting social media in the newsroom. The point was to show media outlets how some were using web 2.0 and social media technologies to expand their online offerings and engage audiences around their news-gathering products. The focus was directed at executives and media outlets as opposed to individual journalists.