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The Podcast Playlist Overhaul: How to Systemize your Listening

by · May 21, 2015

Since publishing my last post (16 Must-Listen Business Podcasts), I have received a handful of emails and messages asking how to keep up: so many shows, so many episodes, so many amazing topics to explore. Today, let’s chat about ways to keep from getting overwhelmed. My playlist currently sits at 28 podcast subscriptions, which is admittedly too much; however, even two shows can be a lot to keep up with sometimes. How do you keep your head above water and stay afloat? It’s all about the right shows at the right time, taking control of your experience, and sometimes letting go.

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4 Time Management Tips for the On-the-Go Social Media Manager

by · August 2, 2013

Keeping up with social media can get difficult, especially if you have a lot of accounts to deal with at the same time. However, if you’re careful about your time management and have some great apps to help you, social media management on-the-go or on a freelance basis becomes simpler.


The Opportunity Cost of Opportunity

by · June 7, 2013

It would be great if we lived in a world where we had limitless resources, and were free to test out every great idea to come our way. Unfortunately, in our finite world of business (and life), every choice invokes an opportunity cost. When you choose to do X, there’s a Y that doesn’t get to happen.

Still, we try to fool ourselves with a mental sort of “creative accounting.” Instead of budgeting dollars, we’re budgeting minutes and hours of our time as if we were accountants for the mafia. We try to convince ourselves that we can “find” or “make” time for all the things we want to do.


The Pursuit of Writing

by · November 30, 2012

I’m a writer. The day I figured out that was the best way to describe the essence of what I do, my craft, my calling … life made more sense.

Sure, I can blog. I can write a book. I can write silly emails to friends (and sometimes do for fun). It manifests itself in multitudes of ways, but regardless of what other labels people want to put on it, I’m best described as a writer.


My Social Media 2011 TO BE List – What’s Yours?

by · January 7, 2011

Right now, you are probably walking around with some sort of list detailing the things you need to do, tasks you need to complete, and strategies you need to implement for the coming year.

To-Do lists are great for keeping us organized and helping us get through our busy days, but do they really help us accomplish creating the image, person, and character needed to run our business or live our lives more successfully?


Three Tips For Social Media Management

by · November 6, 2009

I sat across the lunch table talking to Craig Bruenderman and Sam Gracie of yesterday, talking about their community of electronic mix music producers and fans, smiling at what I heard. These are young, tech-oriented entrepreneurs, immersed in all the code and programming most of us fear. They use social tools to build their business around. They’re digital natives. What did they say that made me smile?

Stressed and frustrated businessman by Doruk on“How do you choose which social networks and channels to focus on?”


5 Essential Social Media Strategies for a Bad Economy

by · February 27, 2009

David Finch

David Finch

Everywhere you turn someone is talking about how bad the economy is. From the housing markets to the stock market, optimism is a trait that you would be hard pressed to find. Depending on which news channel you watch and what economist you listen to, the prognosis is that before it gets better it probably will get worse. With the job market shrinking and budgets becoming tighter, it’s vital that you have a strategy in place especially if you’re hoping that social media will play a role in career advancement or new business.


The Practical Guide To Managing Social Media Overload

by · November 21, 2008

So John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing fame posted a pithy little list of tools you can use to automate your social media activity the other day. He was trying to offer some options for the time-swamped small business owner who can’t sit on Twitter all day or spend hours online because, well, they have better things to do. Jantsch is a smart guy. He knows the social media space. I haven’t read his book, but it seems to have sold a lot of copies and he’s a well-received speaker at conferences around the world.

But damn, if I wasn’t irritated by his post.


Good Communications, Like Good Bourbon, Takes Time

by · July 25, 2008

The dichotomy between the making of bourbon and the marketing of bourbon is amusing to me. Working with some of the most recognizable brand names in the spirits category isn’t unlike working with any other top-tier company, product or service. Marketers, public relations counsel and even social media strategists have to be nimble.

[flickr style=”float: left”]photo:2700727956[/flickr]”When can we get that done?” said in a tone that suggests tomorrow morning is too late is a popular question fielded by those in the advertising, marketing, public relations and social media industries.

This isn’t a bitch session about my clients. They’ll know this is all true. Bear with me.