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Five Social Media Trends for 2013

by · December 6, 2012

You be the judge – did I hit my 2011 and 2012 predictions correctly? Assuming the answer is yes, I’m going to try and go three-for-three with this year’s crop of prognostications.  While these are all broader marketing trends, I’ve outlined what I think you, the social media marketer (or digital marketer), should give some brainspace to in 2013.

Transmedia Storytelling

We’re starting out with a content-focused trend. I felt that 2012 was all about content marketing, and 2013 will be no less so, but it’s gonna get a bit more complicated. It’s not enough anymore to just put out great content in your blog. Brands (and individual bloggers) will need to start ramping it up and telling their stories across multiple platforms, from blog to video to Twitter and back around again.


Traackr Makes Influencer Identification Easy, But Not Cheap

by · August 15, 2011

We’ve covered a number of tools that help marketers and brands identify influencers here. From Klout to mBlast and event the influencer identification tools in social media monitoring platforms, there exists a variety of methodologies, interfaces and price points to help you find the right bloggers and online voices to target with your company’s outreach.