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How User-Generated Content Powers Better Social SEO Results

by · March 20, 2013

User-Generated Content (UGC) allows online properties to grow in size and depth through an open-relationship with online users. It can be used strategically in any digital marketing campaign to learn about a particular audience in greater depth, to engage customers, and to build loyalty. What’s often overlooked, though, is the social SEO benefits of UGC. Many companies look at UGC as something exclusively controlled by their users, and consequently miss opportunities to take specific steps to help the online conversations boost your SEO rankings.


The Next Generation Of Social Media Experts

by · April 16, 2008

[flickr style=”float: left”]photo:250236754[/flickr]All good technology ideas are hatched in garages, right? Or basements. Perhaps that’s why it didn’t surprise or concern me Wednesday when Nick Huhn and I ventured to the basement of a technology building at the University of Louisville to serve as reactionaries to student presentations in a U of L-Murray State collaborative marketing class entitled, “Marketing in the Era of Consumer Generated Media.” The class was a first of its kind at Louisville and Murray State and was co-presented by professors David Faulds (U of L) and Glynn Mangold (Murray State). There were eight Louisville students and seven Murray State students represented in the four groups of presentations we saw. Each one looked at CGM, how brands are using it (both well and not so) and identified some ethical misdeeds by some.


Public Art, User-Generated Content And Social Media (Un) Thinking

by · January 8, 2008

There are 10 interesting new billboards around the city of Louisville. They’re electronic art designs by Argentinean artist Flavia Da Rin. They include a texting number and a keyword. When you text the keyword to the number, you get a web address and a codeword. You browse there and unlock the billboard art on the website. When you get five of them unlocked, you can upload your own art to be judged and perhaps displayed at the Speed Art Museum, Kentucky’s oldest.Flavia Da Rin’s work