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Why the Photo Explosion Isn’t a Technology Story

by · September 16, 2014

Nearly one trillion photos will be taken in 2014 alone, equal to a quarter of all the photos snapped in the first 170 years of photography’s existence. From retina-resolution selfies to lo-fi cityscapes, this body of content is not just more abundant, but also more diverse in subject matter, style, and authorship than ever before.

But how can brands put this powerful content to work for them? The first step is to get to know the people behind the photos.

Our new ebook The Rise of The Visual Creators focuses on the rise of a new creative class, and the incredible numbers it leaves in its wake.


E-Commerce Content Strategy and Amazon’s Goodreads Purchase

by · April 5, 2013

As a lifelong book lover (and recent self-published author), I was taken aback by Amazon’s recent announcement that they are buying social reading website Goodreads. Although not for the ridiculous One Billion Dollars that Bloomberg posited (cue pinky-to-mouth Dr. Evil pose.)

I love Goodreads. I love Amazon. I’m just not sure that as a consumer and producer of books, I love the two being in a state of peanut-butter-and-chocolate, Reese’s Cup togetherness.

However, as a professional who provides content strategy at an ecommerce company, I have to set aside my personal quibbles and look at this move from a business perspective. From that point-of-view, there are some interesting implications.


How User-Generated Content Powers Better Social SEO Results

by · March 20, 2013

User-Generated Content (UGC) allows online properties to grow in size and depth through an open-relationship with online users. It can be used strategically in any digital marketing campaign to learn about a particular audience in greater depth, to engage customers, and to build loyalty. What’s often overlooked, though, is the social SEO benefits of UGC. Many companies look at UGC as something exclusively controlled by their users, and consequently miss opportunities to take specific steps to help the online conversations boost your SEO rankings.


3 Questions to Ask Before Jumping on a Marketing Bandwagon

by · September 1, 2011

It’s tough not to fall victim to me-tooism in our competitive media landscape. There are oohs and ahhs to reap, awards to win, client and board expectations to exceed and egos to stroke. So we see something shiny and we chase it. We see a toy and call it a tool, and make it part of our marketing program.

And who can blame us? We’ve got boss/client/coworker/thought-leader/consultant/blogger/friend/avatar telling us we need to embrace (whatever piece of) technology before it’s too late.

But what if it’s too soon? What if there’s never a good time to adopt? What if we’re adopting a technology or approach that could fundamentally shift the relationship we have with our audience in a detrimental way?


How Can Marketers Attract Pre-Teens with Social Media?

by · July 13, 2011

Social media has largely been an adult playground for businesses as many of the most popular social networks have age limitations that prevent young children from creating profiles. The reality is that there are definitely pre-teens on Facebook and Twitter, but it is inappropriate for businesses to try and create marketing strategies to attract them there because they are violating the terms and conditions of the site.

So rather than look at how we can break the rules to tap into this audience we will focus on other channels where they spend their time. I’ve been brainstorming about how marketers could use social media to effectively attract the pre-teen market in a positive and supportive way that parents would support.


Will Social Media Save The Newspaper Industry?

by · May 8, 2009

David Finch

David Finch

One thing I could guarantee growing up in a small Midwestern farming community was that in our house there would always be two daily newspapers and RC cola. The newspaper for our family was the door into another world. It contained entry into distant lands, humor, games and even advice. It sparked conversations and influenced our view on the world. It shaped our politics and brought us closer to our heroes. It was more than a news channel it was a daily experience.


Talking Downloadable Media And Podcasting With Susan Bratton

by · September 25, 2008

Susan Bratton of Personal Life Media and I caught up at Blog World & New Media Expo last weekend. She was there promoting the Association for Downloadable Media of which she is vice-chair. It is a professional organization working to solidify advertising standards for downloadable media like podcasts, web-TV shows and the like. We spent a few minutes chatting for an episode of SME-TV.


The Media And Social Media: I Am Modern Magazine

by · September 3, 2008

This week’s entry in our Media and Social Media series brings us to what we believe to be the only traditional media property totally driven by social media. And it’s not that this particular magazine made a transition to that status. I Am Modern Magazine for Moms was started with that model in mind: to produce a magazine completely driven by user-generated content.

I Am Modern Magazine For Moms - User-generated content driven magazine

I Am Modern Magazine For Moms


The Media & Social Media: Follow Up With Cincinnati Enquirer

by · August 22, 2008

Cincinnati Enquirer headquarters building at 3...Image via Wikipedia

On Monday, I gave a sneak preview of my upcoming panel presentation at Blog World & New Media Expo to about 60 folks in attendance at Social Media Club Louisville. Part of the reason was to share some case studies and examples of how some traditional media members are using social media and what kind of strategic approach they are probably using to engage their audiences differently. The other reason I gave it was for people to shoot holes in it and help me identify gaps in thinking so it would be better for Las Vegas.