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The Model for a Successful Startup is Broken

by · January 15, 2013

If you’ve ever watched Shark Tank, then you’ve seen Mr. Wonderful beat up a startup because they will kill his money, Daymond’s questioning to determine whether a product has retail and branding potential, Robert’s uncertainty over whether a product can be successful online, Lori’s probing about whether a company has something that can be patented or Barbara’s reservations about whether a company has a viable long-term business model. I am a huge fan of Shark Tank. And I’m honestly speechless and so proud of Jason Falls, who recently spoke on a panel with Barbara Corcoran at Entrepreneur Magazine’s GrowthCon. Being such a fan of Shark Tank and of Barbara in particular, it spurred some thinking for me about what is happening in the startup community.


Building Community For Startups Is Awesome, Inc.

by · April 7, 2009

I spoke last Friday at Social Media Club Lexington’s inaugural meeting which was held at a place called Awesome Inc., in downtown Lexington. When I started asking about what Awesome Inc., was, 30 second into the spiel I was hooked. I grabbed Luke Murray and turned on the camera.

Building community around creativity in the technology, business and art sectors is a phenomenal approach. I would be surprised if some angel investors or even some venture capital firms didn’t jump on the opportunity to invest in something like Awesome Inc., in exchange for dibs on the ideas that come out of such a collaboration. Kudos to Luke, Brian Rainey, Nathan Fort and the rest of the folks behind it for bringing such a powerful possibility to life.