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Dynamic Content | The Future of the Web is Here

by · April 23, 2013

There is a new trend that is on the horizon. It’s subtle so you may not even notice its happening until it’s too late. It’s mostly referred to as Dynamic Content which doesn’t seem substantial enough to truly describe its power.

Here’s a thought to help clarify.

What if your website could change for every visitor to show them the content that is MOST relevant to them?


What You Should Expect To Get For Your Money: Website Edition

by · January 4, 2013

“How much should a website cost?” It’s a fair question, one I get asked time and time again. The infuriating response, “Well… it depends.”

For those that aren’t familiar with how much time and energy goes into building a website, it can often be surprising when the final quote is given. Most digital shops bill an hourly rate of $50 – $200.  Websites in turn can take anywhere from 50 hours (for the simplest of simple sites) to more than 1,000 hours to build depending on the functionality of the site. That leaves us with a possible cost in the range of a few thousand to a few hundred thousand dollars; a pretty wide berth.


The Curious and The Needy: Does Your Website Deliver?

by · August 29, 2012

Inbound marketing. Content marketing. Social Media Marketing. Internet Marketing. In a time when the whole of the marketing and communications landscape has changed faster than many companies can adapt (and most certainly before they can master), is there small wonder some brands have found themselves having zealotously favored one strategic direction and roster of tactics over another, maybe only to later command the troops to, “Quick, now go thataway?”

Publish twice daily on your assigned topic! Tweet four times an hour with these two hashtags! Know the best time of day to update the Facebook page wall! Oh my.


3 Ways to Use Pinterest For Marketing Research

by · February 14, 2012

Barely over 1 month into 2012 and folks around the web have been dubbing Pinterest as this year’s social media site to watch. This propelled by the sudden growth in users and talk of how businesses have seen considerable referral traffic from the site. Brands like Whole Foods, Land’s End and Etsy have set up profiles and amassed tens of thousands of followers across their pin boards and profiles. Even our very own Jason Falls has been sharing his thoughts on Pinterest’s marketing potential.


Social Media Can’t Fix Your Website

by · December 6, 2007

In the time I’ve spent playing in the social media space and in an official capacity advising folks on how to behave here, those unfamiliar with the surroundings have a tendency to think social media can do two things. The requests I face most often are to A) “Make this viral” and B) “Go find some traffic.”

Fixin’ it!Friends who play in the social media sandbox can relate and probably won’t get more than entertaining prose out of this post. What I’m going to write here is for clients, corporations and colleagues. This is not so much a listing of what social media is but rather what social media isn’t.