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The Easiest Way To Win With Social Media

by · April 21, 2014

Its Twitter stream is a never-ending flow of promotional links. Its Facebook page is much of the same. In fact, many of its social posts are mixed languages as well, potentially confusing or turning off part of its audience. It’s LinkedIn presence is nothing to write home about. If it has a blog, it’s impossible to find.

This doesn’t sound like a successful social company, does it? But it might be the hottest thing in social yet. Here’s why: Almost, if not every mention of it online is a glowing review. People go out of their way to brag about the company. The word-of-mouth metrics on this brand online are through the roof.


The Secret To Not Caring What’s Next

by · December 16, 2013

Social media emerged because consumers wanted to control their media environment. The confluence of dot-com developers, freshly out of work, realizing they needed to get more people on the web if they wanted to rebuild their jobs, and a growing consumer distaste for greedy corporations barking at them, produced the perfect temperature for social media platforms to take hold and grow.

Blogs trumped news sites because there were no pop-ups, paywalls or flashing ad-scapes. Social networks trumped television or radio for consumer time spent because there was more than one-way communication and it was mostly void of “buy this” or “click here!”


Community Is About Your Behavior, Not Your Brand

by · April 9, 2013

Think for a moment about the communities you’re a part of. Typically, our minds begin with geographic qualifiers and branch out. I’m a member of my local community, which can be described in the context of my city or my neighborhood. Distilling down to the neighborhood association sickens me — mine is run by rabid former hall monitors — but it certainly applies.


Ask For Referrals

by · November 30, 2011

Word of Mouth Marketing gets a lot of attention, but how many small businesses are actually deploying a successful Word of Mouth Marketing strategy?

Certain businesses and their products are a natural. They are cool and worthy of talking about. Think Apple. They just make products that people love to talk about, and they even get folks who don’t like their product to talk about them. But what about the other 99% of the products that fall closer to mediocrity? They are solid offerings, but they just aren’t sexy … or at least we don’t think so.


Word of Mouth Marketing

by · May 11, 2011

Word of mouth marketing (WOMM) has the power to quickly build up or tear down the reputations of products, services and organizations.

Although many brand stories are shared offline, word of mouth can also spread very rapidly through social media. In order to leverage the power of WOM brands need to understand the dynamics of this intangible and often elusive form of marketing.

Building Trust

Trust lies at the core of every strong personal relationship – the same goes for relationships stakeholders have with brands. The driving force behind consumers’ desire to share positive stories about organizations is the trust they have in the products, services and people associated with those entities.


Expand the Shelf Life of Free

by · October 22, 2010

What Does Your Business Give Away

Giving stuff away is nothing new to business owners. Remember S and H Green Stamps, where you collected stamps given away at gas stations with the hope of amassing enough stamps in your booklet for something from their gift catalog?  Fast food restaurants have toys for the kids meals, retailers have sales all the time, with some having way too many. Not to mention cereal companies have had free gifts inside since the beginning of time. And, for those of us old enough to remember, there was the famed Cracker Jack “Toy Surprise” inside. That was a pretty big hit for me as a kid, although I didn’t really care for the Cracker Jacks all that much.


Community Building Tips From Spike Jones

by · January 13, 2010

Passionate fans willing to knock down walls to tell people how cool your brand is seems to be what everyone in marketing is looking for. My friends at Doe-Anderson helped build an ambassador program around Maker’s Mark bourbon. Sexy product. Passionate people. Fun times. The Harley Owner’s Group is similar. Sexy product. Passionate people. Fun times.

But what happens when you are challenged with creating a groundswell of people nuts about your product and it’s not sexy? That’s exactly what Fiskars asked Brains on Fire a few years ago. Spike Jones, Geno Church and company sat across the table from their client who asked them to drive people crazy about … scissors.


Four Books Worth Reading

by · September 18, 2009

I’ve been getting a lot more books to read lately. Publishers and PR folks, and a few selected authors who are friends, must think reading and reviewing books is part of my job description. The good news is, I like reading the books. The bad news is that I don’t have time to do so at this volume.

However, I have recently finished a couple of books worth letting you know about. And I’m halfway through another I can tell you is worth the price of admission. Instead of writing everything down, I figured I’d talk about them and show them off in an episode of Social Media Explorer TV. Enjoy.


Why People Talk About Products … And Why They Don’t

by · June 1, 2009

Jason Falls

Jason Falls

As the influx of big brands into the social media space continues, we’re starting to see more and more marketing managers and executives become less, not more, comfortable with social media. The main reason is they expect instant returns and needle-moving. But most of social media is about building relationships, which takes time.