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The Comeback Kids

by · January 25, 2013

Last week, I found myself working on a strategy for MySpace. Yes, MySpace. The newest iteration of the old school social site ended its invitation-only private beta, coinciding with new co-owner Justin Timberlake launching his first single in over five years. The completely reimagined UX has gotten coverage by everyone from Mashable to Forbes.

Just the week prior, I was checking out rave reviews for the new iPhone app for Flickr, launched as part of Yahoo’s latest attempt to return to digital relevance.  It was a well-timed launch, coming just before the current front-runner in photo sharing platforms, Instagram, took a major misstep with their latest terms and conditions.


Why SEO Would Matter Even If Search Engines Stopped Running

by · February 1, 2011

“Isn’t SEO just gaming the search engines?”

If you’ve ever had to make the case for SEO, this Molotov cocktail of cynicism has likely been lobbed your way.

“But good content doesn’t need an SEO strategy.”

Right. It doesn’t. And horses don’t need saddles. But things go a heck of a lot smoother if you have one.

“SEO is just a temporary solution; the way technology changes it’ll be obsolete in a few years anyway.”

Yes, you’re probably right. And this whole Internet fad is probably on its last legs, too.

But I’m not here to make counterarguments to SEO cynics. Because the larger argument is this: Even if Google folded, Bing disappeared, and Yahoo went back to being just another name for crazy, SEO would still matter.

Why? Because the practice of SEO will make your website better, stronger, and easier to use, even if the search engines stopped crawling. Think about it:


Failure To Innovate: Yahoo Loss Someone’s Gain

by · December 20, 2010

Thursday we learned that once-vibrant Yahoo! has finalized plans to divest itself of “non-strategic” and “under performing, non-core” assets.  The services headed to the chopping block include AltaVista, MyBlogLog, Yahoo Buzz and the social bookmarking platform Delicious.

To suggest that Yahoo! is hurting is not exactly a news flash.  But there’s hurt and there’s decimation. The company started by David Filo and Jerry Yang in 1994 – once the darling of the web – has been, well, shellacked.  Since new leadership was introduced in Jan 2009, we’ve seen layoffs, the sale of assets and general turmoil.  The place is a mess.  Adding to the Pigpen-like gray cloud of chaos surrounding Yahoo! is the dubious decision to chop Delicious.


Can Search Marketers Grow Up?

by · February 5, 2008

Michael Martinez boldly goes where search marketers have always been afraid to go in his post from Monday. “Why SEO Collective Wisdom Lacks Credibility” is a passionate, well-though essay on search marketers, what they are and what they should be. In it, Martinez questions the truth in self-proclaimed SEO experts, points out the field has too many followers and little, if any, leaders and states in a comment follow-up to the piece that, “It’s way past time the SEO community take a long, hard look at itself and started growing up.”