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5 Tips for Taking Advantage of the 2016 Social Commerce Boom

by Jawad Khan |

2015 was one of the biggest years for eCommerce around the world, and social media had a big part in it. Out of the total global eCommerce sales, more than $30 billion were generated directly from different social networks, an increase of $10 billion from 2014, and more than $25 billion from 2011. Few other industries can demonstrate such staggering growth in just over five years. And it’s only getting bigger. 2016, however, promises to be…

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Jawad Khan

Jawad Khan is a digital marketing expert and a certified inbound marketer with almost a decade of work experience with tech and ecommerce startups. He’s also a professional blogger and a freelance writer who contributes regularly to a number of leading blogs in the internet marketing, WordPress and web design niches. Follow him on his blog, WritingMyDestiny, Google+ and Twitter.