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5 Essential Social Media Strategies for a Bad Economy
5 Essential Social Media Strategies for a Bad Economy

David Finch
David Finch

Everywhere you turn someone is talking about how bad the economy is. From the housing markets to the stock market, optimism is a trait that you would be hard pressed to find. Depending on which news channel you watch and what economist you listen to, the prognosis is that before it gets better it probably will get worse. With the job market shrinking and budgets becoming tighter, it’s vital that you have a strategy in place especially if you’re hoping that social media will play a role in career advancement or new business.

As social media has become the mainstream buzzword, individuals and corporations are looking at social media as a tool to find jobs as well as provide new business opportunities. However, approaching social media without any knowledge or strategy could be more harmful then helpful.

Here are 5 social media strategies that you can implement immediately.

1. Start with a Blueprint
Make sure that before you jump out and “go for it” that you have a plan in place. Know what communities you’re going to engage in as well as what that engagement will look like. Having a blueprint in place will keep you from wasting time, money and energy as well as serve as a reference point if you find the interactive space to be intimidating.

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2. Engage in Conversations
Utilize this time to maximize conversations. Don’t be anxious to promote yourself or business at first, find ways that you can add value and expertise to the conversations going on around you. I guarantee that if you provide value and expertise it will open opportunities for your voice or pitch to be heard.

3. Monitor your Brand
Use tools like Google Alerts, Scoutlab, and Radian6 to monitor what’s being said about you, your company, your competitors and the market in which you’re targeting. Knowing what’s being said about you and/or your brand can make you aware of the your brand evangelists as well as your brand assassins. Knowing what’s being said about your competitors and market can also make you more competitive.

4. Filter the Noise
There are so many conversations taking place and content that is being distributed that this is where having a plan can be extremely beneficial. Instead of being swept in to the hype around social media, you can streamline the individuals and communities that you need to be a part of. It also helps as a time management tool that keeps you on target as outlined by your plan.

5. Optimize Both Online and Offline
Maximize both your online and offline interactions. Make every effort, campaign, and initiative count. Utilize online tools to generate offline meetings. While others are pulling back, use this time to step forward and engage potential employers, future customers and new partnerships.

Here are a few additional resources from Social Media Explorer that will also help shape your social media strategy.

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How are you using social media in light of the what’s taking place with the economy?

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