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A Tide Retro T-Shirt For A Good Cause
A Tide Retro T-Shirt For A Good Cause

Tide Loads of Hope TruckOn Wednesday night I had the pleasure of participating in what was called “Digital Hack Night” at Proctor & Gamble in Cincinnati. Several social media and Internet notables descended upon the P&G headquarters for a top secret experiment.

What we did was undergo a four hour push to sell cool retro Tide T-shirts to raise money for Tide’s Loads of Hope program which provides clean clothes to disaster-stricken areas. I was on a team that sold almost 400 shirts in the four hours. But the deal is good until 11 a.m. ET on Thursday.

So, if you’d like to help my team, go to http://www.tide3.com and buy a shirt. They’re $20 plus shipping for one and $40 with shipping included for two.

Overall, the four teams sold about 2,200 shirts in four hours. And we got to leverage our collective skills in the digital space to do so. It was fun and the pool of talent included some great folks. Kevin Dugan, David Armano, Pete Blackshaw, Peter Kim, Deb Schultz and more were on hand.

Go buy a shirt. They’re cool, retro Tide shirts.

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