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Learn Word-Of-Mouth With The Supergeniuses
Learn Word-Of-Mouth With The Supergeniuses

When I got home Thursday, I had a package waiting. It was from Andy Sernovitz, the Word-Of-Mouth guru. Andy has invited me to speak at a one day event he’s putting on in Chicago Dec. 16 called, “Word of Mouth Supergeniuses.” You can learn more on the event website, but keep reading first.

Jason Falls - Word of Mouth Supergenius SpeakerThe package contained a yellow T-shirt. I unfolded it and read the front. It’s a shirt customized for me, saying I’m speaking at the event and giving out my event discount code, “JASONISMYHERO,” which gets you $101 off the price of admission. This is an outstanding example of why you should consider coming to the event. Andy knows how to make people talk about a product or service. He’s called upon other experts in various categories, including several major brands, to teach similar techniques.

I’m probably not going to wear this shirt anywhere but around the house. But that’s not the point. Andy knows the people he sends the shirts to will think they’re clever, take pictures of them and post them online for people to see. They also give the recipient a feel-good benefit by letting their audiences know how to save some money on the event by using the discount code.

There’s no way I was going to ignore this little nudge to talk about Supergeniuses. Andy is brilliant. You can learn from him, me and several others, including by former boss, Todd Spencer of Doe-Anderson, who will be telling the Maker’s Mark Ambassador’s story. Other speakers include Paul Gillin, Olivier Blanchard, Rick Murray, Spike Jones, Saul Colt and more.

Register for Word-of-Mouth Supergeniuses online and be sure to use the “JASONISMYHERO” discount code. See you in Chicago on Dec. 16!

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