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4 Lesser Known Facebook Ad Tips to Get the Most For Your Budget

by Michael Erickson Facchin |

I’m a huge fan of how easy Facebook has made it to advertise on their platform. You can create a campaign with zero experience and have it submitted to Facebook Ad Approvers within minutes. It’s truly a powerful time we live in. Want to know what’s not amazing? The fact that there are some incredibly profitable elements that 99% of Facebook Advertisers don’t know about. In this post, I’m going to help you: Find the…

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Michael Erickson Facchin

Michael is the head of Paid Traffic Optimization at He loves rising above technical jargon to be a reliable source of practical marketing strategy and tips for small businesses to sell more online. As an enthusiast of all things PPC, he blogs, podcasts, and creates videos for the Search Scientists Blog. When not at his computer, he can be found snorkeling, surfing, and enjoying life at his home in the US Virgin Islands.

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