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by Jason Falls |

One thing I love more than adding a new sponsor to the mix here at Social Media Explorer is when we add one that gives something freakin’ cool back to you. AppSumo joined us this week as a sponsor. If you click through on their ad over there (or just the link here) you drop a quick sign up email and get a free series of videos on how to get really smart about using Google Analytics.

Click on the ad (or here) and sign up. It’s free and the videos they give you are incredibly useful.

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And just so you know who AppSumo is, they’re a daily deal site for geeks. You can subscribe and get those deals cheaper than the public or you can buy them one at a time if you like. They’ll have everything from in-depth online lessons on various tools and from various sources, to hardware and software purchases for lower prices than normal.

Think of them as Groupon for geeks.

I think of them as uber cool for giving us some great knowledge as part of their sponsorship of SME. Go get your learn on there. They rock.

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