The Brandwashing Of Our Brains

by Jason Falls |

Martin Lindstrom’s new book Brandwashed: Tricks Companies Use To Manipulate Our Minds And Persuade Us To Buy is a riveting, if not shocking, look at just how pervasive the persuasive can be. From advertising that taps into our deep-seeded psychological desires for acceptance, status, sex and power to being marketed to in utero, the book dives into the manipulative power of advertising to degrees no book has gone before.

I’m continually fascinated by the psychology of consumerism, so this book was a can’t-put-down from the get go. Individual chapters are dedicated to understanding the triggers that the world’s most influential creatives pull to get us to buy. The first chapter, which discusses the fact that some brands are even marketing to us while we’re in the womb, was, frankly, creepy and left me in a bit of disbelief. But the research is there to back up Lindstrom’s notions.

I caught up with Martin, also author of the best-seller Buyology, via Skype recently to talk about the book for this episode of Social Media Explorer TV:

Buy the book now on Amazon (affiliate link) or jump over to Martin’s website to learn more about him, his thoughts on consumerism and the books he’s written.

And as a bonus for you PR folks and marketing types who enjoy a good stunt, here’s a video of me opening the package Martin’s publisher sent me containing my review copy. It’s a dandy attention-getter worth showing off.

Brandwashed is available in bookstores everywhere or on

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