What The Online Conversation Says About Super Bowl Ads
What The Online Conversation Says About Super Bowl Ads
by Jason Falls

One of the cool things about working with NetBase on a series of webinars is that they are a market research tool and send me cool things like the chart below. Scanning the web for conversations around the various advertisers on last night’s Super Bowl, the NetBase Passion Index churned out some surprising results.

According to their research that earmarks sentiment (like vs. dislike) and passion (love vs. hate) then plots them on a grid to show correlations, very few ads got the overall thumbs-down. Even Groupon, which anecdotally seemed to be the worst offender of audience tastes was plotted less passionate, but more likable.

NetBase Passion Index - Super Bowl AdsGoDaddy’s high like and high passion response is inevitably overshadowed by the ignorant men talking about boobs rather than whether or not they like the company, but that is what the research measures — reactions to the commercials rather than the companies.

Perhaps most surprising is that Chrysler’s emotional championing of Detroit is kinda middle of the road. People didn’t like or dislike, love or hate it. Obviously, the results would be different if you plotted only Michigan-area responses.

More people talked about the Doritos ads than any other. Theirs scored high in my opinion. I just like the humor. I know not everyone does which is probably why their plotted in the middle of the chart. BudLight is surprisingly higher on the like-dislike vertical scale in my opinion. For Budweiser, I thought their ads were a bust last night.

So what surpises you about the plotting here? Should Groupon be way down near the bottom? Why do you suppose it’s not? And if you want to question the methodology and searches, I’m certain Netbase is watching. They’ll be happy to fill you in.

The comments are yours.

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