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Listen To This: Stories We’re Telling Ourselves, inspired by The Beancast

by Matt Hollowell |

I am an avid listener of The Beancast, so I’m excited that this week’s “Listen To This” post is inspired by Bob Knorpp and his guests (Winston Binch, Scott Monty, and George Parker). Per usual, the entire episode is worth a listen, especially for the digital marketing and advertising crowd. This year’s analysis on the analysis surrounding the Super Bowl is funny, honest, and on-point. Definitely check it out. For this post, the ah-hah moment came about…

About the Author

Matt Hollowell

Matt is a lifelong student of design, marketing, publishing, and content creation. His passion sits at the intersection of content and design; in fact, you can often find him there with a cup of coffee in one hand and a notepad in the other. As SME's Creative Director, he supports both the brand and clients, which helps to satisfy his lifelong love of never knowing what's coming next. When not at his desk, you'll find Matt serenading his two amazing daughters, reading gritty British poetry, or obsessively listening to podcasts. Send him your podcast reccs here: @mhollowell.

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