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Play the Game, Play by the Rules

by Maddie Russell |

The basic SEO rule of thumb is keep Google happy. There are myriad reasons the internet giant will penalize a site within the SERPs. The terms are dictated and webmasters and SEO Companies alike are obliged to comply or risk having a domain completely removed from Google. The process is becoming more sophisticated as Google constantly updates their algorithm to punish new spam techniques. This means that specific problems rather than the domain itself should…

About the Author

Maddie Russell

Maddie Russell is a content creator at Square Social. Maddie also works as an SEO consultant at Models Direct, one of the UK’s  premier modelling agencies.

No B.S. SEO?

by Jason Falls |

No, I’m not writing a book on SEO, but I Erik Deckers and I have worked out a neat webinar for everyone. On Monday, we’ll join Jeremy Dear...