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4 Advanced Facebook Advertising Tactics that Need to be a Part of Your Core Strategy

by Sherman Standberry |

As most social marketers already know, optimizing Facebook Ads can be both tedious and confusing. Over the years, Facebook repeatedly proves itself to be one of the most effective social media platforms for generating positive return on investment. Although Facebook has been around for a while, new strategies and techniques frequently emerge as Facebook continues to roll out advanced features on its evolving, albeit confounding, advertising platform. Today we’re going to expose these advanced features including…

About the Author

Sherman Standberry

Sherman Standberry is the co-founder and chief operating officer for LYFE Marketing, social media marketing & management company. LYFE Marketing offers social media advertising, social media management, and website design services to help companies generate more traffic and conversions. Sherman has worked with over 150 companies with social media and website design. Follow him on twitter.