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Google Analytics: How to Use Custom Segments to Up-Level Your Reporting

by Morgan Lucas |

The use of Advanced Segments on Google Analytics can be very valuable in giving us a deeper and more accurate picture of performance. Segments allow us to run a control group analysis in which we can isolate different groups of users and compare them to show us where we should be allocating future investments and strategy. In measuring social’s impact on consideration and conversion, Google Analytics defaults to last-touch attribution, which provides a very narrow…

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Morgan Lucas

As a Digital Analyst, Morgan Lucas provides valuable insights from a measurement perspective to determine campaign strategy and evaluate results. Morgan has a strong background studying Applied Math & Statistics, combined with Economics and Entrepreneurship & Management. She believes that data is the key to delivering exceptional results. Morgan is an avid runner, dog lover and fitness enthusiast. She loves pursuing new challenges and pushing boundaries though activities such as Tough Mudder, skydiving, and caving.