Holy Smokes! That Was [Insert Superlative Here]!

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by Jason Falls |

Think of your favorite lifetime memories. Now think of your favorite movies. Now your favorite songs. Last, your favorite television commercials.

What do they all have in common? They elicit a strong emotion. That emotion sticks in your memory and helps you recall, sometimes in vivid detail, what you felt when you experienced that the first time.

Your job is to produce, “Holy Smokes!” Content.

This is the same output you’re seeking as a content marketer. When your video, blog post, speech, Tweet or webinar hits the intended audience, you want to elicit a strong emotion. This is why I continually tell my team at CafePress and clients that I’ve worked with through the years that your job is to produce, “Holy Smokes!” Content. When your audience experiences it and replies with, “Holy Smokes! That’s [Insert Superlative Here],” you’ve done your job.

They’ll remember you. They’ll think about you more often. They consider you with more thought. They’ll be more likely to do business with you.

I’ll be talking more deeply about Holy Smokes! Content in Social Media Explorer’s Social Media Domination Webinar Series with Exact Target on Wednesday, Sept. 25. It’s free. You should come. Hopefully, I’ll make you say, “Holy Smokes!”

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Jason Falls

Jason Falls is a leading thinker, speaker and strategist in the world of digital marketing and is co-author of two books, No Bullshit Social Media: The All-Business, No-Hype Guide To Social Media Marketing and The Rebel's Guide To Email Marketing. By day, he leads digital strategy for Elasticity, one of the world's most innovative digital marketing and public relations firms. Follow him on Twitter (@JasonFalls).