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by Jason Falls |

A stroke of good fortune recently let me to swing by the Boston offices of Mullen, one of the nation’s most successful and, frankly, interesting advertising agencies. The firm works with great brands like Panera Bread,, Stanley, CSX Transportation and the Boston Bruins, among others. It also has developed quite a reputation as a social media savvy ad agency.

To explore why, I took a few moments to talk to Edward Boches, Mullen’s chief creative officer (who also lists “chief social media officer” on his business card – very cool) about his agency’s approach and successes.

SME-TV: An Ad Agency Doing Social Media Right from Jason Falls on Vimeo.

Boches hit on what I believe is the solution to bridging that gap between the traditional advertising creative approach and the world of social media. Including a developer/programmer or technical partner as part of each creative team, you expand the thinking to the digital world. Digital/Interactive professionals don’t often have the creative chops to deliver the online equivalent of what traditional ad creatives can offline. Ad creatives don’t often have the digital experience or acumen to reach the same. Until either discipline develops the other’s capabilities, collaboration is the only way to get there.

Kudos to Boches and Mullen for seeing the world differently and doing something outstanding to deliver solutions for their clients. We could all learn a bit from the approach.

And a special thanks to Stuart Foster, a social strategist for Mullen and a frequent commenter and guest author on SME, for inviting me by for the visit.

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