Baked In Has Great Ideas Baked In
Baked In Has Great Ideas Baked In
by Jason Falls">Jason Falls

Advertising genius Alex Bogusky and his Crispin Porter + Bogusky colleague and creative thought leader John Windsor have a new book out called, “Baked In: Creating Products That Market Themselves.” I’ve read it and highly recommend it.

The point of the book is to deliver a series of recipes to enable you to bake great marketing into your product by making great products. It’s a fantastic (and quick) read for the brand manager, ad agency types, C-level folks and even the communications world newbie wanting to get a jump start on some great ideas for their careers.

As with anything Bogusky does, the book has some unique quirks that I loved. The most notable is the constant use of the @bakedin Twitter handle and reminder that the book is just the beginning of the conversations around baking in greatness. Each of the book’s 28 recipes is represented by a hashtag, too, so if you were to Tweet something to @bakedin and tagged it with “#DNA,” for instance, you would be letting Alex and John (both on Twitter and surprisingly engaging, by the way) or others involved with the book know you want to chat about mining the history of your brand for ideas.

This is a genius way of not just engaging an audience around the book, but adding to the potential ability for the buzz to “go viral” as people Tweet and ask, since their followers will see the references and perhaps become curious enough to see what @bakedin is all about.

The long and short of it is that there are about five people in the advertising and marketing world we should intentionally soak up knowledge from. Alex and John are two of them. Buy the book. You’ll at least get some great ideas out of it.

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