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My friend Ian Greenleigh, the social media manager for Bazaarvoice, told me recently of a survey he is doing to give us more information on what blogs marketers turn to for business intelligence and decision support. He said that while the AdAge Power 150 is great and other ratings and lists of top blogs are helpful, the marketplace doesn’t really have a more than superficial look at where chief marketing officers, brand managers and marketing decision-makers turn to on the web for advice and thought leadership.

Of course I told him they all just come here. Heh.

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Ian wants to provide a resource to us all that will help all marketers, probably B2B ones as much as any, know where online the right stops are for thought leadership advice, decision-making support, guest blog post targeting and the like. In order to pull that data together, he needs our help in filling out a very brief survey. It is not a lead-generation device for Bazaarvoice. In fact, Ian told me the only email you might receive if participating is one containing a link to the results once they are compiled.

I trust him on that. He’s good peeps.

And he’s made it really easy for you. Just dive in to the survey below. It is embedded here for your convenience.

Thanks for helping us get more data!

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